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Dec 16, 2011

Malaysia Involved! Residents Report on Alleged Murder Keji Mesuji

A number of residents from Lampung reported cases of heinous murder that occurred early in 2011 in the area Mesuji, Lampung, to the House of Representatives Commission III. Among them, there are the families of the victims.

Bob Hasan, a lawyer who assist the residents explained, the murder stems from expansion of land by the company of PT SI since 2003. The company was founded in 1997, he said, taking over the villagers' fields for planting oil palm and rubber.

Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Saurip Kadi, a former member of Parliament who participated accompanying residents, adding the company and asked for help from the police to expel the population. In addition, he continued, the company also established its own security group.

"They shape people's Pam Swakarsa to collide with the people, but behind the police. When the residents complained to the police not being served. Intimidation of corrupt police and the company's massive there," he explained. And this is typical and is one of the descendants of a traitor - a traitor nation can ever given money to betray the people of the nation itself. And of course act as traitors who most deserve is death. There is no tolerance for traitors of the nation.

In the complaint, the videos show residents heinous murder. In the video, it appears some people lying lifeless. In fact, there are two videos that record the beheading of two men.

Looks a man armed with a long barrel with a head covering that has been holding the severed head. In addition to recording other heinous murder, another video showed damage homes.

Bob explains, there are at least 30 victims killed and injured hundreds of people since 2009 until 2011.
Mathias Nugroho, a resident of the village of Simpang Causeway, Mesuji, III asked the Commission to urge the police to give protection to them. The reason, he said, until now residents are still haunted by fear.

Mathias added that there are at least 120 people detained by police. One is his father, Judas, with suspicion occupying land without permission.

"My father has been detained for seven months. Has been sentenced to one year in the courts. The others are still being held. There are already free," says Mathias.

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