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Jan 31, 2012

Traveling :: Terpukul Revolusi, Puluhan Agen Perjalanan Tunisia Terancam Bangkrut

Revolusi yang sudah berlangsung setahun di Tunisia tidak saja berdampak kepada kehidupan sosial dan politik negara tersebut. Sektor pariwisata Tunisia juga ikut terpukul. Puluhan agen perjalanan pariwisata Tunisia terancam tutup apabila pemerintah baru tidak segera memberikan bantuan langsung.

Kepala Federasi Agen Perjalanan Tunisia (FTAV), Mohammad Ali Toumi mengatakan puluhan agen terpaksa tutup dalam beberapa hari mendatang kecuali ada solusi cepat pemerintah Tunisia untuk membantu mereka keluar dari krisis.

"Di Tunisia terdapat 700 agen perjalanan, dari jumlah itu mereka mampu menyerat 8.000 tenaga kerja. Bayangkan apa yang akan terjadi bila mereka terpaksa tutup," kata dia seperti dikutip

Sebelumnya, FTAV sudah meminta bantuan pemerintah untuk melakukan pemotongan pajak dan meminimalisir prosedur birokrasi serta mempermudah izin agen perjalanan untuk segera menangani ibadah umrah dan haji ke tanah suci Mekkah.

Sayang, permintaan bantuan itu meski sudah disampaikan pada pemerintah belum juga mendapatkan respon. "Kami belum mendapat respon apapun. Jika kondisi ini tidak berubah, kami akan bertindak," kata dia.

Sebagai informasi, Tunisia sangat mengandalkan industri pariwisata untuk menggerakan perekonomian negara itu. Penggulinggan rezim Zine El Abidine Ben Ali meruntuhkan industri pariwisata.

Information Technology :; Cloud Storage Company Symform Celebrates a Busy January

Cloud storage provider Symform has had quite a start to 2012 already, from adding two top executives to its burgeoning team to netting $2 million in venture funding from new backer Westfield Capital.

Last week, Symform basked in some belated holiday cheer as it announced two additions to its executive team, which rounds out a proven leadership group that brings global experience across startups and multinational tech companies, according to company officials.

Chris Boscolo will be joining Symform as vice president of engineering, along with Candace Grisdale, who will assume the role of Symform’s new vice president of worldwide sales. Over the past few months, Symform has actively sought out market leaders to join the company to help expand upon its mission to construct a global distributed cloud storage network.

“Symform is rapidly building a massive peer-to-peer global cloud storage and backup network. This requires a senior management team comprised of proven technology executives,” said Matthew J. Schiltz, CEO of Symform. “With the addition of Candace and Chris in these vital positions, I am confident our fast growth will gain even further momentum.”

Boscolo, who brings 15 years in the networking, security and cloud industries to the job, previously served as chief technology officer at Napera Networks and chief software architect at WatchGuard Technologies (News - Alert). While at WatchGuard, Boscolo managed software development of Firebox, a Firewall/VPN appliance.

For Grisdale, prior to teaming with the cloud storage company, she ran channel sales at DocuSign, where she defined the company’s new channel strategy. With more than 20 years in sales leadership, Grisdale also served as vice president of sales at Sesame Communications, and as a general manager at Microsoft (News - Alert).

Symform has more to celebrate than just its new recruits as the cloud storage company has also netted $2 million in venture funding from new backer Westfield Capital, which joined existing investors OVP Venture Partners and Longworth Venture Partners to bring total funding for this Series A round to $7.5 million. The Seattle-based company also revealed that its user base has grown 800 percent in the last six months.

Want to learn more about cloud communications? Then be sure to attend the Cloud Communications Expo, collocated with TMC’s ITEXPO East 2012 taking place Jan. 31-Feb. 3 2012, in Miami, FL. The Cloud Communications Expo will address the growing need of businesses to integrate and leverage cloud based communications applications, process enhancement techniques, and network based communications interfaces and architectures. For more information on registering for the Cloud Communications Expo click here.

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Do You Know, Air Pressure Experiments ?

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Jan 30, 2012

Do you understand, what is Information Technology?

Definition of Information Technology

Information Technology can be defined simply as the study of and the complete process involved in the development and use of computer based information systems. This includes the design stage, the development, implementation, support and management of information systems.

Businesses and individuals use information technology in various ways and these includes the following:

  • IT that enhances functionality – this may be for personal use at home or individual use in the workplace.Examples are Word processors and database application software.
  • IT that enhances communication – examples are emailing systems, blogs, wikis and electronic conferencing.
  • IT that enhances management – these are management information systems that process organizational information and improve decision making.
  • IT that enhances enterprise goals – these are specialist application systems that control how big organizations and business process and use information technology, examples are CRM and health management systems.

Information Technology Basics

Information technology  basics or ICT basics involve the use of computer software and hardware to complete some basic tasks within the home or office environment. Basic use of information technology includes:
The use of a computer system to perform essential tasks with the aid of an operating system. The operating system software helps you to literally operate your computer by performing such tasks as, creating files and folders, save, copy or delete files, clean up and manage your computer.
    The use of application software to perform fundamental tasks. Examples of such application software are :

  • Spreadsheets, normally used for accounting and bookkeeping.
  • Word processors to create text documents.
  • Database to store records.
  • Presentations for meetings and conferences.
  • The use of the Internet to browse and search for information.
  • The use of electronic mailing system to send and receive mails both externally and internally.
  • The use of common peripherals such as a printer or fax machine with a computer system.

Role of Information Technology in Business
Role of information technology in a business setting can be classified into four major categories; these are function, communication, management and enterprise.

Function IT Systems
Function IT systems enable individuals to carry out their tasks effectively in their place of work. Functional systems include spreadsheets, word processors, statistical analysis software and computer aided design (CAD). Employees can work and carry out their task independently or collectively using these software technologies.

Network IT Systems
Network IT systems enable effective communication within or outside an establishment. Examples of these systems are straightforward e-mail (electronic mail) systems, blogs, wiki, IM (instant messaging) and electronic conferencing. These technologies help interaction and collaboration between working groups and also make possible rapid information flow at all levels within an organisation.

Management IT systems
MITS can be defined as a planned application that is designed to process data and transform it into useful information for management decision making. MIS may be regarded as a division of Enterprise IT systems. Nevertheless, because of the crucial role MIS plays in a business environment, it is considered as a key information technology system for businesses.
Management operates at different levels, so it is possible to apply management information systems at any level. Simple examples of MIT systems are human resources management systems, marketing management information systems and financial management information systems.

Enterprise IT Systems
Enterprise IT systems are applications designed to integrate and handle entire business processes for big organisations. In general, enterprise application software is hosted on large servers over a computer network. Transmission of information is possible internally or externally.

Some enterprise information systems are accounting software, health care specific software or electronic data Interchange (EDI).  A further example of software in this group is CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software).

Information technology plays different roles in business, and provides a wide range of capabilities that boost management performance. It is thus crucial to understand the four main categories of IT systems and their functions in a business setting.

Benefits of Health Information Technology
The integration of information technology into the health sector system of operations is generally referred to as ‘Health Information Technology’ – HIT.

HIT has led to an overall improvement in health care quality, safety and efficiency in the health care delivery system.

The health care sector is positively impacted by the use of electronic health records (EHRs), virtual healthcare teams, telemedicine, e-health grids and various specialist health care information systems.

EHRs facilitate easy communication of medical data between health care teams. In addition, the use of electronic health records (EHRs) has drastically reduced medical errors. The advantages of reducing medical errors include:
  • Reduction in health care costs
  • Increase in quality of health care delivery due to timely and accurate dissemination of information to health care providers
  • Increase in administrative efficiency by reducing paperwork thus, increasing data processing accuracy as well as effectiveness.
Through the use of e-health grids, very large amount of data can be computerised and well managed for further information needs.

The use of health information systems (HIS) help to reduce operation cost by reducing duplication of data, time and efforts. In addition to this, HIS aided increase in operational efficiency, as well as capability to share data across multiple health care teams.

A major concern in the use of HIT is possible security issues and lack of complete privacy in utilising electronic health records.

What is Information
Information is simply processed data. In information technology, when data goes to the process of input, collation, formatting and handling, it comes out as an output that has meaning to the user. This type of data is called information. Sometimes the word ‘data’ and ‘information’ are used interchangeably.

Do You Know, The Best IT Certifications for 2012

IT certifications are a way to certify and validate an individual's IT skills. There are many certifications available from a number of institutions. But which are the best and most rewarding ones to pursue in 2012? Read on to learn more.

An IT certification is no ordinary exam. It is not a simple case of studying from textbooks and study material. IT Certifications require a good combination of practical and technical know-how. While majority are multiple choice questions, some certifications require a practical exam or on-job experience. In the ever changing IT market of today, a certification is an important piece of paper, for both experienced and fresh candidates. In this article, the best IT certifications for 2012 are listed below, with a short description of each.

CompTIA Security+: Maintaining a secure system, across large and small networks, involves a lot of steps and technical expertise. The basics and advanced knowledge of computer security, from handling access rights to cryptography, is taught and validated in the Security+ certificate from CompTia. To take this exam, the professional should have 2 years of networking experience and have completed the CompTia Network+ certification.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH): An ethical hacker or penetration tester is employed by a company, to attempt to penetrate or hack into the network or computer systems, so that weaknesses and failings in their security system can be exposed. As illegal hacking is rapidly becoming a serious threat in any organization, ethical hacking is gaining popularity as a popular testing method for network security. This vendor neutral certification is provided by the International Council for E-Commerce Consultants.

Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC): One of the leading institutions handling information security certifications, in a number of security disciplines. GIAC measures an individual's specific knowledge areas in the field of information security, for nearly 20 job specific responsibilities, like firewall analyst, intrusion analyst or security expert to name a few. It is a highly valued certification in the field of information security.

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM): This is an advanced certification from the ISACA, for experienced professionals in the field of information security. A CISM certificate exam validates an individual's management skills and know-how of large, enterprise-level information security handling. It is of key value to those trying to upgrade their job position, from that of a security professional to a managerial position. It has been accredited by the ANSI and requires at least 5 years of work experience in IT security.

Cisco Certifications: The networking field is the fastest and best IT field in terms of growth and opportunities. And Cisco is the brand leader in networking certifications. For any level of networking expertise, be it entry or experienced, Cisco has a certificate and in a variety of networking subjects like security, installation and design. Here are some of the best IT certifications for networking from Cisco:

    Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT)
    CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) in Security, Voice, Wireless, Routing and Switching
    Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP)
    Cisco Certified Wireless Professional (CCNP Wireless)
    Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)

Project Management Professional (PMP): This certifies the management know-how and skills of an IT professional, in handling projects and tasks at a managerial level, within a budget and time limit. Its prerequisite is educational qualifications and experience. A PMP is a renowned and internationally accepted certification in the management field.

Why is an IT Certification Needed?

Certifications provide that much-needed edge, which differentiates one professional from the other. It gives experienced workers a chance to update themselves in their respective areas of expertise. Instead of going in for another degree, they can add to their education with a certification. Certifications prove how dedicated a professional is to the field they work in.

For fresh graduates, it gives them a hiring advantage over their competitors. It is a given IT industry fact, that an inexperienced but certified professional, is a better choice than an non-certified one. A certificate can be used as a proof of competency. And for the inexperienced, certification knowledge is more valuable for a job, than what they may have learned during their education. For example, during a four-year degree course in engineering, one learns a little bit of different languages, like Java or SQL. But when a student of engineering is considered for a job, if certified in SQL, that individual is more valuable to an organization, since he is already well versed in the specific technology.

Best In Demand IT Certifications for 2012

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS): This certification tests your skills and expertise in a specific technology. For example, the MCTS ASP.NET certification focuses on the .NET 3.5 ASP.NET suite. There are currently 20 specializations, with 5 broad subject categories which are Office, .NET framework, SQL Server, Windows and business intelligence. This is the first level of certification exams for Microsoft.

Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCTIP): This certification is extremely useful for experienced professionals, as it validates the skill set to perform a particular job role. It tests the ability of the candidate, to use Microsoft technologies in performing an IT job role, like database administrator or server administrator. To give this exam, one or more compulsory MCTS certifications must be obtained first.

CompTIA A+: This is a vendor neutral certification, that covers multiple operating systems and technologies. This certification ensures basic knowledge of software and hardware components. It is intended for professionals, with at least 500 hours of hands-on experience, as the questions are based on practice, not theory. The A+ certification is especially used as a bench mark for computer support technicians, as the key exam areas are installation, networking, maintenance and troubleshooting of computer systems.

Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC): For those interested in working with the Mac OS X, this is one rare and necessary certification. It targets entry-level system administrators, who provide support for and maintain Mac OS X client server environment.

Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA): Red Hat certifications are the best and most sought-after Linux certifications. They carry out actual practical exams, instead of the normal multiple choice questions. The RHCSA is the entry level-exam to pursue a Red Hat certification. It deals with basic system administration and there is no experience prerequisite. It is the mandatory base exam for higher Red Hat certifications like RHCE.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP): A certification from the non profit International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC2). It deals with information and network security, highly important subjects in any industry and organization. This particular certification is accredited by ANSI, and is highly regarded as an information systems standard. It requires a minimum of 5 years, full-time, security work experience.

IT certifications have been a source of debate for industry experts. In recruiters minds, the key factor for deciding to hire an individual is experience. However a certification cannot replace experience. Also, you can get pigeonholed in that technology, and your company might hesitate to promote you. Find out if a certification will result in a pay raise or make you considerable for a promotion. And see how flexible your schedule is, so that you can actually study for the exam. In the long run, your talent and skills are the key factors that contribute to your success in the IT field.

Information Technology :: Load Balancer Company KEMP Technologies Receives $16 Million in Funding

“As bandwidth requirements of corporations large and small continue to increase, KEMP Technologies’ effective and efficient load balancing products are mission critical for managing infrastructure,” Lenard Marcus, principal of Edison Ventures who also led the investment noted.

Founded in 2003, KEMP Technologies prides itself on creating solutions that are affordable for small-and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The company first entered the load balancer industry with its LoadMaster technology, catered specifically to the SMBs. Since then, the company has continued to enhance its technology and most recently the company made over its LoadMaster family of server load balancer appliances and application delivery controllers.

Two weeks ago, the New York-based company unveiled LoadMaster 6.0, the latest version of the LoadMaster family, that boasts a flashier look for the New Year.

“The goal of LoadMaster 6.0 is to deliver reliable and high performing server load balancing and application delivery hardware or software-based virtual platform,” Peter Melerud, vice president of product management at KEMP Technologies, told TMCnet. “LoadMaster 6.0 introduces pre-configured application templates that are designed to reduce the time and effort required to optimally deploy business-critical applications. The LoadMaster 6.0 will deliver the next generation of capabilities for more efficient and cost-effective optimized datacenter performance.”

Its advances in the market are certainly paying off as key investors are taking note.

The recent financial news comes at a good time for KEMP Technologies, according to a recent blog post written by the company, as it is looking forward to entering into new partnerships.

“As you know, KEMP addresses an essential need in the SMB market that has been ignored,” officials wrote. “The funding will allow us to expand product development, accelerate sales expansion and extend our international presence. Most importantly, we now have the resources to better support our loyal customers.”

And those customers certainly want more from KEMP Technologies.

As expressed by Tom Vander Schaaff, an Edison Partner that led the investment round, “KEMP’s customers viewed the technology as a must have and commended the reliability of the technology Edison’s operating experience, particularly in sales, marketing and channel development will help to accelerate KEMP’s growth.”

Added Eric Filipek, managing director of Kennet Partners, “KEMP has delivered greater than 100 percent growth with success both in North America and Europe.  The company has done a great job at building out a channel that can scale.  We look forward to working with the investor group and management team to build a global-category leading business.”

Jan 29, 2012

Do you know, Is Making Hot Ice Easy?

Hot ice is a popular science project and a clear crowd-pleaser at science fairs. Some people also use hot ice in magic tricks. As we all know, hot ice is not crystallized water, instead it is crystallized sodium acetate trihydrate. Moreover, unlike ice made from water, which is cold, hot ice is warm to touch, because of the exothermic reaction taking place during its formation. Thus, hot ice or sodium acetate trihydrate bears semblance to regular ice, however, is a completely different compound. This has resulted in its popularity. However, is it easy to make hot ice? What are the steps involved in making hot ice? Let's find out.

How to Instantly Make Hot Ice

The two raw materials: baking soda and vinegar, used to make hot ice need to be free of impurities. Ensuring this is very difficult, which is why it is better to purchase ready-made sodium acetate. You can purchase it from online stores like eBay, Trade Me, etc. Sodium acetate is also available in warming pads, hand warmers, etc. Just cut open these pads or hand warmers with a knife and empty out the contents. However, sodium acetate obtained from these warming applications will appear like a gel. Nevertheless, it satisfies the purpose. Moreover, purchasing ready-made sodium acetate simplifies and speeds up the entire hot ice making process.


    Sodium acetate powder (One cup)
    Steel saucepan

Preparation Procedure

Step 1
In a steel saucepan, add two cups of water and begin heating it. Now, gradually add a cup of sodium acetate into the water and stir, so that it dissolves. Do not add it all at once. Instead, add it gradually, ensuring all the crystals are getting dissolved.

Step 2
The solution should not be brought to a boil, instead must be heated on low heat. Do not overheat the solution, or else the solution will develop a yellowish or brownish tinge on solidifying. This will not look so appealing in a science fair, as it will not resemble ice.

Step 3
Keep stirring the solution, as you add sodium acetate crystals. Now, the key here is getting a supersaturated solution. This is because, if the solution is not supersaturated, when the solution is placed in the refrigerator, it will crystallize, thereby defeating the whole aim of the experiment.

Step 4
Since we are looking for a supersaturated solution, we need to make sure no more sodium acetate crystals dissolve into the water. You will know the solution is supersaturated, when some crystals remain at the bottom of the beaker or saucepan, even after stirring for quite a while. This indicates your supersaturated solution of sodium acetate is ready.

Step 5
You can also do it the other way round, wherein, you can first add sodium acetate into the beaker and then add water gradually. However, be careful not to add too much water.

Step 6
Now, that your sodium acetate trihydrate solution is ready, pour it into a glass or any dish of your choice. However, make sure the tiny, undissolved particles present in the supersaturated solution do not get transferred into the glass dish. The presence of undissolved crystals can cause the solution to crystallize. Allow the solution to cool in the refrigerator for an hour or so.

Step 7
After an hour take the solution from the fridge. You are now ready to make your own hot ice sculpture. Pour the solution over a crystal of sodium acetate and watch how the whole solution crystallizes to form a beautiful sculpture. After making a sculpture once or twice, you will gain better control over your hands and will be able to construct gorgeous hot ice sculptures.

Hot ice sculptures are great science projects for kids and enthrall the people observing the experiment. This experiment is sure to yield good grades. However, make sure you study the science involved in each step, when you present this experiment at a science fair. Be creative and mesmerize those around you with hot ice. Hope this article on how to make hot ice was helpful and informative! Have fun!

How to Make Hot Ice from Scratch

In order to make hot ice or sodium acetate trihydrate, we require the compound sodium acetate. Sodium acetate is the product of a reaction between baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and vinegar (acetic acid). Let's find out how to make sodium acetate from these two compounds.


    One bottle vinegar (One liter)
    Baking soda (One small tin)
    Saucepan and spoon

Preparation Procedure

Step 1
If you are preparing sodium acetate in a lab setting, then use a beaker to prepare your sodium acetate. If it's a kitchen setting, take a steel saucepan and add one liter of vinegar to it. Then, gradually add baking soda to the vinegar. Effervescence or fizzing is observed, due to the release of carbon dioxide gas.

Step 2
Do not add too much baking soda at a time. This is to avoid overflow of the mixture. Moreover, do not forget to stir continuously. Keep adding baking soda gradually, till the solution fizzes no more. This means your aqueous solution of sodium acetate is ready.

Step 3
The next step is to prepare a supersaturated solution of sodium acetate, for which you need to heat this aqueous solution of sodium acetate. Place the solution on low heat and allow the liquid portion to evaporate for about an hour.

Step 4
Once the amount reduces to half, pour the solution into a smaller vessel and again heat it. You will begin to notice some crust being formed on the sides of the pan. These are sodium acetate crystals. Scrape a few of these pieces and keep aside for future use. Scrape the rest of the crust back into the solution.

Step 5
You will soon find a film or crust, being formed on the surface of the liquid, in the pan. This is the time to stop heating. Remove the pan from the heat and pour it into a glass jar. Add a bit of water or vinegar, to dissolve the crust formed on the surface. Stir well, ensuring there are no bits of undissolved crust fragments. Then place the lid on the glass jar, so as to prevent further evaporation and crystal formation.

Step 6
Now, place this glass jar filled with the supersaturated sodium acetate solution, in a dish containing ice-cold water. Allow it to cool for ten minutes. Or else you can place the solution in the refrigerator for an hour.

Step 7
Once the solution cools, take it out and you are ready to prepare hot ice with it. To prepare a hot ice sculpture, take a medium-sized bowl and invert it (a tray will also do). Place the crust of sodium acetate crystal (kept aside earlier) on the bowl or tray and pour the refrigerated sodium trihydrate solution prepared.

Step 8
The crust of sodium acetate crystal placed on the bowl will solidify the liquid poured on it, by acting as a seeding site. Using this to your advantage, you can prepare any sculpture of your choice. Moreover, heat is evolved due to the exothermic reaction involved during the crystallization process. Thus, when you touch the freshly formed sculpture it will be hot.

If you are dissatisfied with the shape of the sculpture, just topple the whole sculpture into the saucepan and heat. The solid crystals will turn into the liquid state and after cooling, you can once again make your sculpture. Only make sure you do not contaminate the solution, during the process.

Jan 28, 2012

Do You Know? Top 10 Space Conspiracy Theories

10 Most Famous Conspiracy Theories of All Time
Lenin, the Marxist revolutionary, famously said that a lie told often enough becomes the truth! The elusive details that surface during or after an event, give conspiracy theorists the much-needed gaping hole in the web of "lies" that the event is supposedly based on. Presented here are ten of the most famous space conspiracy theories. Before you continue reading, you might want to take a deep breath and brace yourself for "facts" that might sound outright idiotic, utterly imaginative or even incredibly spooky!

Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster
On February 1, 2003 the space shuttle, Columbia disintegrated during reentry into the earth's atmosphere, all seven astronaut occupants were killed. NASA attributed the accident to the malfunction of the heat-resistant panels on the left wing during reentry into the atmosphere. The disaster occurred at a time when the middle east region was experiencing escalated levels of political tensions. Conspiracy theorists have put two and two together and allege that the disaster was a deliberate attempt by Israel's politicos and the US government agencies, towards distracting the world's attention from the goings-on in the troubled areas. They even go on to suggest that Col. Ilan Ramon who was part of the crew, was in fact, a spy collecting information on Iraq. The theories and evidences are often contradictory. Secret government operations are the basis for most space conspiracy theories.

Life on Mars/Face on Mars
A scientist's claims, in support of a conspiracy theory, lends it extraordinary "credibility", especially among conspiracy theorists. One such renowned astrobiologist, Chandra Wickramasinghe, argued that there is evidence of contemporary, microbial life on Mars and (as usual) NASA is covering up the finding. NASA has sponsored quite a few unmanned lander probes to study the Martian surface, more significantly the Viking probes (from the late 1970s), followed by the Phoenix mission and these have been specifically used as "evidence" by this theorist. In fact, some of the pictures taken by the Viking 1 spacecraft showed sections of the Martian surface resembling a face with deep-set eyes, something like a nose and mouth. These pictures went viral on the Internet but were debunked by NASA as merely being an optical illusion. The conspiracy theorists believe that the concealment is executed for political advantage and some even suggest interplanetary politics!

Alien Landings on the Moon
This theory started doing the rounds during and after the Apollo 20 mission undertaken by NASA, back in 1976, to explore the far side of the moon. The conspiracy theory attributes a cigar-shaped object on the lunar surface to being an alien spacecraft. Some theorists believe, it suggests that an alien spacecraft crashed on the lunar surface, while others are convinced that the moon hosts a secret alien military base! Some websites hosting moon conspiracy theories also report that the first men on moon, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, actually spotted alien UFOs while on the lunar surface. Recently, there seems to have cropped up "photographic evidence" of possible underground alien military bases. Don't bother looking up at the moon tonight as these are all conveniently situated on the "dark side" of the moon; the side that's never visible from the earth.

The New World Order (NWO)
Are all the above conspiracy theories perhaps parts of a big picture? Is there a mother of all conspiracy theories? Yes, in fact, there's a theory gaining ground that a powerful and elite group of people from across the world, including aliens, are orchestrating a massive conspiracy to bring the entire world under their control as the NWO. The NWO will supposedly enforce a totalitarian rule with only the rulers and their servants. Apparently, the conspiracy has been plotted decades ago and anyone who does not conform is "removed" from the NWO. Apparently, assassinated world leaders across the globe including Kennedy and Aldo Moro (from Italy) were killed for being detractors. Supposedly, the Illuminati (discussed above in another theory) will be on the highest level of the NWO.

Today, Internet and mobile technology make it easy to instantly propagate these conspiracy theories to millions of people. The truth spreads faster but then, so do the lies. Conspiracy theorists, probably numbering a few hundreds in the last century, have grown to thousands and perhaps, millions thanks to cyberspace forums and websites. The ability to doctor photographic or video footage of events, have made it exceedingly difficult for space scientists and government officials to disprove conspiracy theories and maintain that the footage captured is original. There's no doubt that while most theories sound almost impossible to be true, some can freak you out, at least temporarily. Whatever the case maybe, they sure are intriguing enough to provide the script for some blockbuster movies and bestselling literature about paranormal activities, end of the world, extraterrestrial signs and alien life forms and alien abduction of humans. Everyone loves it when secrets are exposed and that is why it is easy to get pulled into the black hole of space conspiracy theories.

The Moon Landing Hoax
There's a reason why this one tops this list. It was one of the most widely publicized and televised space exploration events in the history of mankind! The Hoax theory states that the entire moon landing adventure was one big fat lie thrown into the face of the world in the cold war era, purely to establish the United States as the ultimate superpower in space technology. The conspiracy theory was televised years after the moon landing itself, on a popular US TV network. The moon landing conspiracy theory became an overnight sensation and has been the foundation stone for all future space conspiracy theories. Every subsequent space odyssey and related events have been nitpicked by conspiracy theorists, who are generally convinced that most of them are heavily funded covert military experiments of secret government organizations. If you look at the "evidence" put forth by conspiracy theorists, you are not likely to debunk them without detailed examination. They can be very convincing!

Phantom Cosmonauts
In the mysterious world of space exploration, some astronauts have been rumored to have flown into space never to return. Two Italian brothers, Achille and Giovanni Judica-Cordiglia, claimed to have intercepted SOS radio transmissions on the erstwhile Soviet Union's space frequencies on more than one occasion, each time coinciding with the Soviet's claims of a failed unmanned space mission. This particular conspiracy theory aims to expose the Soviet government's embarrassing debacles in their space programs and goes on to "establish" that Yuri Gagarin was not the first man in space, as generally believed. The lost cosmonauts do not even remain in the death records, as the theory alleges, they have been conveniently erased from all records as if they never existed. Of course, several claims of this theory have been confirmed as hoaxes. An upcoming Spanish science fiction feature film, The Cosmonaut (El Cosmonauta), is inspired by this "believable" conspiracy theory.

Shifting Poles
Scientists acknowledge that the earth's north and south magnetic poles are constantly in motion and more rapidly so in the last few centuries, at a rate of around 10 centimeters per year. This scientific theory has been ripped apart, flogged to death and presented as the ultimate doomsday phenomenon by conspiracy theorists and prophets alike. They warn the public that the poles will shift dramatically such that they are reversed, sinking entire continents. They also claim that top governments and members of the scientific community have full knowledge of this impending catastrophe, but choose to downplay it, supposedly to curb the mass panic that might result from sharing this information publicly. Scientists agree that pole reversal might have occurred in the past, several thousand years ago but it's not a sudden phenomenon. It might have been a gradual one, spanning several centuries and the impact of it could certainly not have been as catastrophic as it is made out to be. The Hollywood movie "2012" was inspired by some aspects of the Pole Shift hypothesis.

Planet X or Nibiru
The end of the world seems to be sadly anticipated very much and there's no dearth of theories about how exactly the events will unfold. According to this theory, our solar system has a "hidden" planet X. Another similar theory gives the name "Nibiru" to the giant planet. The theory advocates the presence of extraterrestrial beings called "Zetas" who allegedly "contacted" a woman by the name Nancy Lieder, informing her about the upcoming earth changes. The Zetatalk website goes into vivid detail, with maps pointing locations on the earth that will be flooded or completely submerged and those that will remain safe when the planet comes dangerously close to the earth. Scientists including those from NASA refute this theory saying that a giant planet so close to the earth should be visible to the naked eye. Of course, the proponents of the Nibiru conspiracy theory allege that it is a deliberate cover-up.

UFO Conspiracy/Roswell Conspiracy/Area 51 Conspiracy
This is probably the most favorite conspiracy theory that has inspired several movies, TV detective and crime series, tales of alien abduction and innumerable sci-fi novels over the years. Well, there's an element of mystery and truth in the origin of this theory. A rancher named Mac Brazel stumbled upon some strange matter lying on the ground in an area near Roswell, New Mexico back in 1947. Years later, this incident was made famous as the Roswell incident by proponents of this theory. They alleged that the strange debris was moved to a secret location called Area 51, based in a top-secret military base in Nevada. According to the theory, Area 51 is the site of autopsies performed on dead alien visitors by the U.S. Military. Allegedly the world's most top-secret military base had stored "frozen extraterrestrials". More recently, when information about the secret activities of Area 51 was declassified, no information about frozen aliens was confirmed. In fact, personnel who were manning secret missions within Area 51 revealed that the hoax in fact, helped to maintain the secrecy of the base. Whatever the truth maybe, this theory has an inexhaustible spook factor that's strangely addictive. Even after decades of the Roswell incident, people continue to be intrigued by these theories.

Majestic-12 (MJ-12)
In the 1980s, William L. Moore, a UFOlogist and his associates informed the public about "secret" documents that indicated the creation and continued existence of a group called "MJ-12" formed by President Harry Truman in order to "deal with" extraterrestrial visitors. Some versions of the theory suggest that these visitors called "illuminati" are in fact regular earth visitors who have infiltrated governments across the earth in their quest for a possible invasion on earth to take control of its resources. The documents described by Moore as evidence of UFO conspiracy literature were investigated by the FBI and declared as forged material.

Jan 25, 2012

International :: Boko haram and his followers and his teachings and beliefs are misguided and Haram, Payer statute is OFF

Boko haram and his followers took refuge behind the ideas of the respective ideologies is ridiculous and misleading.
And therefore, anyone who becomes a follower of this group and following his conviction is declared infidels and haram.
Boko haram and his group were misguided homage, they live in the hills and practice witchcraft and worship
rocks are considered to have magic or sorcery.
So it can be said, how stupid people who support the beliefs and actions Boko HARAM
real is violating the norms of humanity and khaidah life.
The penalty that must be applied to the Boko haram is Dead with the hanging upside down and the blood poured from his chest.
Appeal to the entire population of the world, in order to capture the Boko Haram and his followers are misguided.

Nigeria bomb attack victims continues to grow
Boko Haram militant groups want to impose Islamic law in Nigeria
Islamic militant attacks in the city of Kano, northern Nigeria, on Friday (20 / 1) killed about 150 people.
Hospitals-hospitals in the city was overwhelmed dealing with the victims dead want any injuries that kept coming.
A series of explosions destroyed a police station, the central management of passport and immigration in Kano.Officials are now imposed a curfew for residents for 24 hours.
Boko Haram militants have claimed responsibility for the attack.
The group wanted to topple the government and establish an Islamic state.
Its members are not only often attacked police stations and other state symbols, but also churches.Hundreds of people have become victims of their violence ternasuk civilians Moslems and Christians.
President Goodluck Jonathan promised the perpetrators would "face harsh legal sanctions."
"As a responsible government, we will not put up with the enemies of democracy, the cold-blooded killer,committing crimes in this country, "said Jonathan.

A wave of attacksSaturday in Kano, a city of nine million people the majority are Muslims,Red Cross team to collect the bodies of victims of the bomb the streets and bring them to the morgue.
A BBC correspondent in Kano said so far he had counted 150 bodies at the city's main hospital.
Meanwhile, the Associated Press reported, a medical officer said the death toll reached 143 people.Meanwhile, the AFP news agency, other medical staff refer to the numbers 162 people. The toll is expected to continue to grow.
Boko Haram, which in the local language means "Western education is prohibited," have been behind many attacks in recent years.
The group wanted to apply Islamic law in Nigeria, a country with large Muslim populations in the north, and Christians in the south.
Boko Haram was first surfaced in 2009 after an attack on police stations and government buildings in the city of Maiduguri.Nigerian forces retaliated by holding the security operation and killed hundreds of militants.
Boko Haram recently blew up the churches, shooting at government officials and other attacks in northern Nigeria.

Jan 23, 2012

International! Ulema Council of Saudi Arabia issued a fatwa that the Doctrine of the Taliban, AlQaida and Hamas is Haram

A few days ago, one of the popular mass media in Saudi Arabia published a fatwa issued by Saudi Arabian cleric Alim, which says that:

1. Taliban,
Alqaida and Hamas is Haram
2. Anyone who followed the teachings and actions of the Taliban,
Alqaida and Hamas is Haram

Many of the people of Saudi Arabia was not expecting it. And most likely other Gulf countries will follow those of the clergy of Saudi Arabia.

Jan 22, 2012

International:: The Taliban is a Gentile and god BAAL Worshipper

This is one proof that the Taliban are the troops who worship the god BAAL an actual real human beings want to destroy. Actions and deeds because they are declared haram work abomination: Rape, Murder, and robberies and other crimes on this earth.

Worth if they were destroyed from the earth.
So, anyone who supports the Taliban, the religious and human convictions are declared haram is.

Taliban release 15 Pakistani troops Execution Video
IslamabadTaliban militia released a video of the execution of 15 soldiers in Pakistan. Bodies of the soldiers was found in January after being kidnapped in the North Pakistan.
Group which is part of Tehreek Taliban Pakistan claimed responsibility for the killings.
As reported by AFP on Sunday (1/22/2012), 15 soldiers were kidnapped late last month after an attack in the night at a checkpoint. Seven tribal region near the Afghan border believed to have close ties with the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.
Video duration is 2:38 minutes it shows the soldiers with bound eyes as he sat lined up on a hill. Their hands were tied behind and flanked by two armed men wearing masks.
A soldier who gave her name sebabagi Babar Khan, said they were arrested in an attack on their post at night.
In the video, a Taliban commander who is known for wearing a leather jacket appeared and said the group was about to take revenge for the killing of 12 Taliban fighters in Khyber district.
"We warned the Pakistani government to stop killing our people to have them arrested and if they continue to do so then the Taliban will (kill) them like this," he said as he shot the soldiers who were captured by using a Kalashnikov rifle.
Other militia joined forces also opened fire on them.

Jan 21, 2012

Life Style:: Iran's Revolutionary Guards and Iranian President Ahmadi Jenad, Hobby Watching Movies and Reading Magazine Nude Nude Adult

No presumed and suspected, it turns Gentile nations besides Iran and Hypocrisy under the guise of tradition behind them,
other than the country's largest Arab Peninsula Drug dealers proved to be a country where the security
has a unique hobby, which is read and look at a magazine nude adult, nude movies and watch movies.
It is mentioned one of the mass media in Iran which has been very supportive of the performance and the President of Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

It can be evidence with events brought this, namely that they are also reading adult magazine and saw
see the site nude adult sites.

Iranian Actress Nude Pose No Return because in France

BECAUSE act itself is considered contrary to the noble values​​,
Iranian actress banned a return to homeland.
The ban applies to home Golshifteh Farahani because the actress posed nude for a magazine in France.
He was warned not to return to Iran. Whether the threat of what will be gained if he still decided to return to his country.

Farahani who played a role in the film Body of Lies with Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio,
moved to Paris, France approximately a year ago.

Not long after his move, Farahani then posing nude in the magazine Le Figaro Madame.
He did pose nude in protest at the discretion of the ultra-conservative culture "curb" the Iranian film industry.

"I was told by officials of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic rule, that Iran does not need actors or actresses.
They told me to offer my artistic abilities in other places, "said Farahani told the Independent newspaper.

Not all parties menyerca decision to pose naked.
Fans of the liberal mindset praised him for daring to resist the subject is considered taboo among Muslim women, especially in Iran.


If the actress is able to freely pour artistic abilities, different things actually experienced by Saeed Malekpour.
35-year-old man, was sentenced to death after claiming to have involvement in making pornographic websites.

Malekpour was arrested in October 2008 and taken to Evin Prison in Tehran.
He even kept in isolation for a year without access to lawyers or given without clear charges.

A year after his arrest that, Malekpour also claim to act on Iranian television.
He admits, designing and guiding the material through a pornographic website.
However, he withdrew recognition on the grounds that he was forced to confess.

Now he was sentenced to death and the family can not seem to do anything.
According to his family, Malekpour has a home in Canada and worked as a programmer
which makes loading programs that used a photo pornographic website without her permission.

After it was suspended in June 2011 before,
now the official Iranian court sentenced Malekpour with the death penalty.
Some parties considered that the actor was a scapegoat
of acts committed by a group believed to be Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Jan 14, 2012

Technology Information:: Five "Weapons" Mainstay Microsoft in 2012

Year 2011 is not a difficult year for Microsoft. Although the software company is not successful in marketing their Windows Phone and Internet Explorer 9, but Microsoft still has a superior product, namely Windows 7 operating system.

In the two years since its launch, Windows 7 has sold 500 million copies and has become the operating system most widely used in the world. Microsoft has posted revenues for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2011.

For the year 2012, Microsoft has five major focus will be developed. Here are the details:

1. Tablet Windows 8
Tablet with the Windows operating system 8 is a big bet for Microsoft because it dared to change the interface used. Desktop appearance typical of the famous Microsoft will be replaced with icons that represent applications and files.
Microsoft promised to provide a friendly interface that users are interested in buying and running a tablet with the latest operating system they are.
Will not be easy for Microsoft to sell tablets after two years, its competitors, Apple, successfully selling the iPad. Plus, analysis from Forrester (market analysts) reported that consumers are not so interested in the Windows tablet.

2. Xbox Ready Television Displays
Xbox is a video game console made by Microsoft who managed to make the products of this company to move from office to living room. In 2011, the XBox game console sales leader in the United States. This month, Microsoft is doing the update to the XBox users can watch television via XBox Live.

By introducing Metro Style, XBox lets users watch 26 different channels of pay TV services provided, Verizon. Channel includes popular channels such as HBO and Nickelodeon. A number of other partners also offer programs to be aired on XBox Live. It is easier for Microsoft to enter the broadcast television into the XBox console.

3. Back Developing Windows Phone
Windows Phone has great aspirations to occupy third position in the smart phone market share after the iPhone and Android devices.

Working closely with Nokia, Microsoft has released the phone with their latest operating system, Windows Phone 7.5. The software in it was fresh when it was launched in September 2011 with the name "Manggo".
Manggo won praise from the reviewer thanks to animation and application integration. However, according to Gartner (a company that does market research), only 1.5 percent of smart phones that will run the operating system that Microsoft developed this.

From this data, there is little doubt whether Windows Phone will grow if Microsoft just rely on the device from Nokia. Meanwhile, Android, has developed many devices, so they can compete against the dominance of the iPhone. Or Microsoft could try to embrace RIM customers are "fuzzy" because of disappointment with the BlackBerry device.

4. Start Patent Aggression
Microsoft's "push" HTC, Wistron, and Compal, to pay a license to Microsoft's patent for using Microsoft operating systems. Microsoft is also going to sue Barnes and Noble, who runs Nook e-reader on Android devices.

This tactic is very successful in 2011, as many companies, especially small companies, would prefer to pay than to fight Microsoft in court. This will continue to be Microsoft's next year.

5. Microsoft Falls to the Social Media Sphere
Next year Microsoft will also enter into the realm of social media. Not like Google that makes the new media of social services - Google +, Microsoft just made a deal with competitor Google + that is Facebook.
Microsoft's search engine Bing will be integrated with Facebook and if someone looks for something, the results appear on the home page is the search results that have done their own friends on Facebook.
For example, someone looking for a restaurant, then that appears on the home page and the top is the name of the restaurant's most sought-after by their friends on Facebook. Or it could be the name of the restaurant who had visited and liked their friends on Facebook.

Technology Information:: Crysis 2, Piracy Victim Number One in 2011

A report released recently TorrentFreak revealed that Crysis 2 is the title of the most pirated game of the year 2011 by as much as 3.9 million copies downloaded when only released in March. It is quite ironic considering the previous Crysis developer issued a statement that the reason they consider not only survive on a single platform is the difficulty to restrain piracy.

In a report issued December 30, 2011, TorrentFreak get actual numbers downloading it from various provider site links download using BitTorrent or BitTorrent tracking services that are open. BitTorrent is often misused to distribute files either pirated games and movies Bluray quality due to the way it works allows large files can be obtained faster than downloading directly.

From the trend of piracy, it is known that the video game platform is the most pirated PC followed by the Nintendo Wii, then Xbox 360. Besides Crysis 2, perhaps a title that makes the other record is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 because it sucked 3.65 million times since its release in November 2011 or two months ahead of the end of the year.

For other platforms, Super Mario Galaxy 2 Wii games occupy the most hijacked by 1.28 million times while the Xbox 360 downloads is dominated by Gears of War 3 with 890,000 times the downloads.
Unfortunately, TorrentFreak does not include data such as video games for the Playstation 3 platforms and portable consoles such as PlayStation Portable or NDS. In the report, they reasoned that there are not too significant, so decided to not include them.

Data download PC Game on BitTorrent in 2011 (as at 30 December 2011)
1. Crysis 2 (downloaded 3.92 million times) (released March 2011)
2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (3.65 million) (November 2011)
3. Battlefield 3 (3.51 million) (October 2011)
4. FIFA 12 (3.39 million) (September 2011)
5. Portal 2 (3.24 million) (April 2011)

The data in the BitTorrent download of Wii Game in 2011 (as at 30 December 2011)
1. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (1.28 million) (May 2010)
2. Mario Sports Mix (1.09 million) (February 2011)
3. Xenoblade Chronicles (950 000) (August 2011 EU)
4. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean (870 000) (May 2011)
5. FIFA 12 (860 000) (September 2011)

Data download XBox Game on BitTorrent in 2011 (as at 30 December 2011)
1. Gears of War 3 (890 000) (September 2011)
2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (830 000) (November 2011)
3. Battlefield 3 (760 000) (October 2011)
4. Forza Motorsport 4 (720 000) (October 2011)
5. Kinect Sports: Season Two (690 000) (October 2011)

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