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Aug 11, 2011

British people (Demonstrate) who really "Very Stupid"

British society to demonstrate one of the fact that many British people who really "Very Stupid" and "the stupidest From Between Man in This World".

They do not know, that the riot was masterminded by Iran.
Consider Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (descendants of the barbarians / Persian), who laugh at you, that laugh is like a Lucifer / Satan the prince of the beard.

One of my messages on the entire British public, do not show ignorance you have, but show that you people who had high morals and knowledgeable as well as a religious and not a man like a shrimp feces is located in the head.

Why do you kill each other with each other. In fact, if considered, you all live in a big country and famous, especially in education, and you are all certainly very fortunate for it.

Immediately stop pertiakain of you fellow British society.
Do not allow your country to countries that ridiculed and humiliated by other nations.

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