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Jul 19, 2011

Low Thought Newspapers Malaysia and Malaysian Society

It is clear that Malaysia is very weak intelligence,
and thought the mass media (newspapers) is helping the government malaysia to empower communities to be fanatics and hate towards other nations.

This is what is said and categorized with multiple political strategies
within a government, which usually arise due to weaknesses
and dirty system of government that exist today.

With a fanatical attitude of the excess, thus blurring
actual knowledge of the community
and instead it makes a ticking time bomb for the government.
For example, the people of Malaysia today are very foolish and stupid-related mention of ALLAH.

They assume that those who first had the mention License
ALLAH. They do not know, that nation earlier Jahudilah know ALLAH,
and not Malaysia. Malaysia was a nation who pitied by the British,
so they are in Merdekakan by the British.

Message to all the people of Malaysia. You all have much to learn about history and also about the understanding of other nations. Do not make yourself like a frog under the shell. :)

Please read the news below.

Malaysia Predicting That the Jews Involved In Action Demo

Until more than a week after the demonstration ended Bersih 2.0, the Malaysian Government continues trying to worsen the image of the movement demanding reform of the electoral system through the media. Finally, Bersih 2.0 is claimed to support foreign forces, including Jewish groups.
The claim was disclosed in a newspaper editorial Envoy Malaysia's ruling party in Malaysia on Monday (18 / 7). Malay-language daily in Malaysia, said Jewish groups in the world trying to find loopholes to meddle in Malaysia's internal affairs with the aim of destroying the country.
"When the drum on behalf of human rights played harder, it becomes an opportunity for pro-Jewish groups intervened in any Islamic country," wrote the editorial.
Canopy was then hook-ngaitkan increasing number of NGOs engaged in human rights in Malaysia with a pro-Jewish plot.

Clean movement, continued the newspaper that 72-year-old, also not spared from the support fund of up to thousands of ringgit in Malaysia from foreign parties. "The donation not a donation sincere, but it has meaning and purpose implied and certainly has a certain agenda," he said.

The paper then reminding people of Malaysia that the demonstration activities to the streets to oppose the government is not a wise thing because it could allow foreign elements to infiltrate into the domestic affairs of Malaysia.

That accusation is immediately received fierce reactions from the opposition. Nurul Izzah Anwar, the People's Justice Party leader who is also the son of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, said the allegations were stale but also not true. "It is sad that the only response the government (Prime Minister) Najib to demand electoral reforms Bersih 2.0 is to repeat the baseless accusations," said Izzah in a text message to Reuters.

Fadiah Nadwa of activist lawyers group Lawyers for Liberty denied any foreign funding support for Bersih 2.0. "Bersih is a coalition of nongovernmental organizations and donations came from a Malaysian living in Malaysia or abroad, and the sale of T-Bersih," he said.

Groups allegations of Jewish involvement in the domestic affairs of Malaysia is a very sensitive issue in Muslim-majority country like Malaysia.

"This is a repeated attempt by certain groups in society to divide the country based on religious and racial differences," said Andrew Khoo, one of the activists Bersih 2.0.

Baharuddin Ahmad (center), supporting the Coalition for Clean and Honest Elections (Bersih), following a rally in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Saturday (9 / 7).

Opposition groups say, Baharuddin (59) died of a heart attack during a rally. Meanwhile, police denied allegations that the victim died of a shot tear gas.

Jul 5, 2011

The marriage contract requirements are as follows:

Special for Middle East, except for Turkey and Israel (Society of the Turkey and Israel are generally afraid of GOD).

marriage contract requirements are as follows :

1. Marriage is simply a contract (transaction) between two people who want to have fun with no witnesses!
2. The man freed from the burden of living!
3. Should have fun with the women without specific numbers, even with a thousand women!
4. Wife or female partner has no inheritance rights!
5. No permit required the father or guardian of women!
6. The length of marriage contracts could be a few seconds or more than that!
7. Women who enjoyed (dimut'ah) equal status with women hired or slave!

You can do the marriage contract in most regions in Indonesia, especially Java, such as Bogor, Bandung.
In Indonesia there are many seasons, among others, is the rainy season, dry season, kite season, pest season, the season of corruption, and the most famous is the season of cheating, and the breeding season of the contract.

Marriage contract season sometime in July s / d September.

If you are afraid of GOD, do not do the marriage contract.

Jul 4, 2011

You want to get married just two days or a marriage contract? You can do in Indonesia.

Sorry. If you have faith, do not do this.

Maybe this is the right business is for Camel Arabic or Arabic Human. (Note l : Camel Arabic Similar With Arabic Human)

Susi Eleven Marriage Contract.

His face was downcast shame, as highlight the flashes of cameras and flashbulbs some journalists continue to point to her sweet face.
Susi (18) were white women and long hair and a slender body.
How are you? "Good Mas," he said quietly with his face still bent.
That night Susie operation netted along with seven other women who performed a combined staff of North Monument Village.
From the beginning, Susi kekeuh refused if the officer arrested him when he was hawking himself.
"I just got back streets of the same friend in Cipanas. Who says I want to sell yourself arrested," he said.
However, recognition finally rolled out of his mouth when he secured while being alone with a man from the Middle East.

Surprisingly, 18-year-old woman had been diving contract marriage to eleven times!
Marriage contracts Susi much done with a number of men from the Middle East.
The practice of marriage contract that he lived for eight months.
When asked about the practice of temporary marriages which did as much as eleven times, Susi evasive.
But slowly the woman who lived in the area Cijantung, East Jakarta began to open up.
With a voice a little heavy, sepunggung haired woman was admitted began to plunge into the "black world" since he was 17 years old.

"I am married to my husband just a year after I was divorced by her husband," he said.
Forced marriages performed when Susie was sitting in the third grade of secondary school (SMP) in Jakarta.
Pernikahnya Because of that, which then makes Susi quit school three months before the national exams (UN) SMP.
Early marriages are performed Susi failed in the Middle the street and brought great influence to the life of Susie.
"School stops, and my husband just left. Who's try not to stress," he said.

Economic needs.
These conditions, according to him worsened when her father loses his beloved motorcycle.
In fact, Honda Supra Fit black color that is missing when it was parked at his house,
is a source of livelihood the father, whose results are used for family needs.

"My father ngojek in Jakarta. But then stopped because the bike is gone," explained Susie.
As the first child with two brothers who are still small, look at the condition of families in need of cost,
Susie felt partially responsible for the needs of families and two siblings.

"Initially I was working at the store. But stop because not at home. Udah so small salary," he argued.
Until one night, Susie vent to a female friend who was also friends while still in school.
Through the Facebook social networking facilities, Susi told the situation to his friends. "At first I was chatting at a friend.

I need a job and need money," he said.

A few days later, Williams met his friend somewhere.
"It was immediately dikenalin same pimp. At first I refused, knowing what kind kerjaanya.
It must be told to be commercial sex workers (CSW)," he said.
As the first child, Susie felt responsible for the needs of parents and siblings.

His father who had been without a steady job, making him feel more pity. The father who early on became the backbone of the family, was helpless.
On the other hand, Williams still has two younger brothers are still small and in need of cost.
"I have a sister both still in school, 6th grade and 4th grade," he said.
Economic needs of re-used as an excuse by Susi to quickly get money.

Harshness of life in Jakarta at a cost of living which he said is not cheap, making Susi select a shortcut to get money.

Although Williams initially refused to plunge into the black world, he finally lulled by the gentle persuasion and the lure of a pimp in the number of Jakarta.
"Find a hard money, want to working ngelamar but only elementary school diploma, who is willing to accept," he said.

Hmgga mid-October 2010 Susie eventually began to cultivate the world as husband and wife contract
with the man from the Middle East. According to Susi, the Camel - sebuatan for Arab tourists - who came to Indonesia especially in Jakarta, will always find a local woman to be his wife, as long as he lived somewhere in Indonesia they need sex distribution.

"But they do not want prostitution, so they are looking for women who want to be a temporary wives," he said.
In addition to paying an expensive and do not have to bother prostituting themselves on the edge of the highway, Susie felt that his actions did not violate. Woman plays the bodies of about 156 cm, are so angry when I called a prostitute.
Each time she became his wife in a marriage contract with a Middle Eastern man, who received Susi paid varies.
"It depends on the length until when. If ten days pay $ 7 million. But if only two days at least Rp 700,000 to Rp 1 million," he said.

But, from paying that much, he only gets half as the wife of the contract.
"The pay is divided into two equal mami (pimp) I. I can only half," he said.

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Jul 1, 2011

Part 14 - AutoCAD Command Shortcuts [VIEWPORTS]


CTRL+R; Cycle through viewports
CTRL+PAGE UP; Switch up between layout tabs
CTRL+PAGE DOWN ; Switch down between layout tabs
DV; DVIEW; Perspective view.
MS; MSPACE; Switch to modelspace in a viewport
MV; MVIEW; Make a viewport in paperspace
PS; PSPACE; Switch to paperspace from viewport
VPORTS; VPORTS; Opens viewports dialogue box
-VPORTS; -VPORTS; Create a viewport using command line

1. To prevent a viewport from editing right mouse click on the viewport and select DISPLAY

Part 13 - AutoCAD Command Shortcuts [UCS]

OB; OBJECT; Align UCS with an object, first select UCS
UC; DDUCS; Display UCS manager dialogue box
UCS; UCS; Universal co-ordinate system options
UCSICON; UCSICON; Change the UCS icon appearance
W; WORLD; Return to the WCS

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