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Nov 26, 2010

Special Today - Very Unique - Gnat (Agas) Playing With Special Friend

Photos Gnat Playing with his special friend. It's so different and unique.
No body knows, how the gnat playing.

Movie Gnat Playing with his special friend. It's so different and unique.
No body knows, how the gnat playing.

Nov 3, 2010

Mini PC - Fanless (5)

Ruvo Mini Cap 7 fanless nettop gets unboxed

The first examples of nettops based on Pegatron’s UltraSlim design are showing up, and it’s Ruvo with their Mini Cap 7 that’s the first to reach reviewers. UMPC Tips have a photo unboxing of the Intel Atom 230-based mini-desktop, and while it’s too early for a full review the initial hands-on feedback is tentatively warm.

While it may use the same casing as Pegatron’s NVIDIA Ion based IPP7A-CP, the Ruvo Mini Cap 7 doesn’t have the GPU prowess. Instead the graphics are courtesy of SIS, though they do support DirectX 9. Other specs include 1GB of RAM, either a 16GB SSD or 160GB hard-drive, and gigabit ethernet; ports include six USB 2.0 (two up front, four on the back), audio in/out (plus a headphone socket on the front), and either a DVI or D-Sub video output.

The fanless Mini Cap 7 measures just 172.5 x 153.5 x 20mm, and according to Frank from UMPC Tips came without cables or an installed OS.

Contact :

Nov 2, 2010

Mini PC - Fanless (4)

Mini-Box M300-LCD Barebone System w/Intel D945GCLF2D MBD

Mini-Box M300-LCD
- Small and light form factor
- Intel / VIA Chipsets
- picoLCD 20x2
- Built-in CF Reader/USB adapter in front
- Bootable Compact Flash (any size)
- Space for optional daughter board add-ons with Jetway motherboards
- PCMCIA/CF card reader

- Extra 1 or 3 LAN Support
- Extra 2 or 4 Serial Ports
- PCI riser, fits any size PCI card
- Supports 2.5"/3.5" SATA or PATA HDD
- Size 7.8 x 9.8 x 3.3in (WxLxH)
- Volume (L) = 3.7L
- Ideal for Internet kiosks, thin clients or POS (point-of-sale) systems
- Assembly of PicoLCD is required by Mini-Box and might take up to 2 days to ship.

Nov 1, 2010

Mini PC - Fanless (3)

Car PC Automotive Computing

Compact, high performance x86 car PC (vehicle PC, auto PC / carputer / car computer) aimed at automotive / car PC hardware customers and telematics system integrators. Automotive ready: Eliminating in-car power issues, the VoomPC is the perfect high performance mobile car PC solution providing a versatile, low cost navigation and infotainment hardware platform.
VoomPC-2 Car PC Enclosure

VoomPC-2 ™ car PC enclosure

- Universal CarPC mini-ITX case
- Rugged design, car PC 5.5mm Aluminum extrusion
- Accepts SlimCD, 2.5" drive (optional)
- Compatible with any mini-ITX board
- Works with M1-ATX, M2-ATX, M2-ATX-HV car PC PSU
- Dimensions:210(W)x265(L)x66(H)mm
- up to 2 fans for moist/heat removal
- Cable harness included
- Manufactured by

VoomPC CarPC Enclosure (Out of Stock)

VoomPC car PC (TM) enclosure
- Universal CarPC mini-ITX case
- Tough design, car PC 5.5mm Aluminum extrusion
- Compatible with any mini-ITX board
- Works with M1-ATX, M2-ATX, M2-ATX-HV car PC vehicle PSU car PC PSU
- 210(W)x254(L)x56(H)mm
- Up to 3 fans for moist/heat removal
- Manufactured by

VoomPC-2 Car PC Barebone (Intel)

VoomPC-2 ™ Car PC Barebone with Intel D510MO solutionPC
- Intel D510MO Mini-ITX Motherboard
- M2-ATX car PC PSU
- VoomPC-2 car PC enclosure
- Cable harness included
- Case + PSU made by

Oct 31, 2010

Mini PC - Fanless (2)

AAEON Technology FES Controller-5130,
It is a mini-pc technology (fanless) issued by Taiwan in early October 2010.

The FES-5130 is equipped with the Intel® Atom™ N270 1.6GHz processor with 200-pin DDR2 400/533 SODIMM (up to 2GB) and features Intel® 945GSE+ICH7M chipset. Despite the key characteristic of the FES series being its compact, slim design, the unit deploys flexible, rich I/O ports for fulfilling versatile expansions. The Intel® Atom™ processor is mature and adopted widely, not only by mobile products, but by PC products as well. It represents the economic and high performance solution for the embedded market. In addition, the FES-5130 has one 10/100/1000Base-TX Ethernet port and an optional 802.11b/g Mini-PCIe module for wireless network transmissions. This function enables a faster and more convenient network for communication.
“The FES-5130 deploys multiple storage devices, such as a 2.5” SATA Hard Disk Drive and Type 2 CompactFlash™. It supports six RS-232 COM ports and one RS-232/422/485 COM port that is often required by diverse Industrial applications. The FES-5130 is also equipped with six USB 2.0, two audio jacks (Mic-in, line-out), one VGA, one DVI, and an 8-bit Digital I/O for a more enriched and flexible connection with inside and outside devices,” said Curtis Lai, the Product Manager of AAEON’s Industrial System Division. “This embedded system controller with a condense outfit, is great wall mounted or simply placed on a desktop in space-limited areas. The simple design with industrial-grade specifications is definitely an ideal choice for vital applications, “ added Curtis.
The FES-5130 has been designed to minimize the cost of system integration and planning time. It is not only a flexible and user-friendly embedded system controller, but also a cost effective solution bundled to your application. For more product information, please visit or contact our regional sales representatives for further assistance.

Mini PC - Fanless (1)

AAEON Technology, established in 1992, manufactures and markets a wide range of OEM/ODM Industrial PCs all over the world. Our commitment to our customers is to provide reliable and high quality Embedded SBCs, Operator Panels, Panel PCs, Medical PCs, Embedded Controllers, Industrial Slot PCs, PC/104 modules, Full-size CPU cards, Half-size CPU Cards and related accessories.
By maintaining ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certifications since 1994 and 1996 respectively, AAEON ensures the commitment to delivering products of the highest quality. Becoming a publicly traded company in 2001, AAEON has demonstrated the sound fiscal policies required for good investment opportunities. AAEON continues to earn numerous citations for its remarkable contribution to the industry, including four years of Symbol of Excellence Awards and the country's Eighth Annual Outstanding Business Award. In 2003, AAEON introduced TL9000 certification to further expand their commitment to quality.
AAEON has well established, strategically positioned branches worldwide including America, the Netherlands, Germany, China and Singapore.
AAEON is an Associate Member of the Intel® Embedded Alliance, a community of embedded developers and solution providers. For more information, please visit

Oct 30, 2010

Server The New Generation

In the era of the 21st Abat, in general, people only know the technology servers issued by famous companies such as HP, IBM, DELL and ASUS.
However, not many people know that has born a new server technology known by the name of one of Supermicro which is its largest sales center in Singapore.

As for some of the advantages of these servers are as follows:

* Uncompromising Quality Control
* Most Comprehensive Line of rackmount / Tower Servers
* Best Selection of High-End Servers - Itanium, Xeon & P4
* Redundant Components (virtually eliminating system downtime)
* Best Price / Performance Ratio
* Superior Product Design (all under one roof)
* Consistently First-to-Market
* Maximized Performance
* Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
* Top-Notch Finishing Materials
* 3-Year Limited Warranty
* 24-Hour Server Support

Feb 20, 2010

IT Budgetting (2)

These issues should be addressed on the highest levels to update the budget structure in a way that serves the purpose of properly setting and monitoring IT Budget.
There are some key success factors that facilitate the budgeting process and help the department in allocating sufficient budget for the fulfillment of its goals and objectives:

- Having a long-term IT strategy: an IT strategy reflects thoughtful decisions that are made based on experience and long term commitment rather than reactive and random decisions
- Alignment to the business requirements: this does not happen without making the effort from the IT department to properly align with the business, not just by fulfilling its requirements but even to become a success factor and an enabler for the business

- Defining success measures and performance indicators: When success measures and performance indicators are set and reporting on them becomes a habit then budgeting for the future becomes easier and more appreciated since it is built on tangible facts that reflect the true state of the organization

- Succeeding in previous budgets: there is nothing more helpful in negotiating the budget than showing that the previously obtained budgets were utilized successfully

- Continuous and stable growth: reflecting continuous and stable growth in each budget period will reflect stability and maturity in the IT department and show that expansions are made based on determined and well-studied plans

IT Budgeting (3)

To arrange the IT Budgeting, the organization must have the document to provides guidelines / recommendations on how to go about developing and monitoring the IT budget. It will help with an overall organizational budget as well as with a budget for a specific project. It includes methods for estimating costs as well as tips for ensuring that the budgets are successful.

(1) Purpose
The purpose of this document is to provide guidance for IT managers / Directors in preparing the budgets of their departments. The document targets the IT managers / Directors as the main audience, because they make the decisions regarding the budgeting. This document is based on best practices; it is greatly inspired by the Financial Management component of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) which represents a widely accepted best practice of IT Service Management (and soon to become ISO standard – ISO 20000).

(2) Document Structure
This guide aims to help effectively meet the challenge of constructing and monitoring budgets in IT departments, it has been written as clearly as possible to help the reader gain the most comprehensive understanding possible.

The document can be navigated from one related subject to another,
simply by clicking on the hyperlinks on the main dashboard. The main
sections of this document are:

- Financial Management for IT Departments: a general description of the concept of Financial Management for IT from best practices perspective

- What is a Budget: basic definition of what a budget is, and what is the meaning of budgeting process - Why to Budget: the benefits gained from budgeting, an the disadvantages of not-budgeting

- Elements of a Successful Budget: describes the anatomy of a budget in terms of how is the budget organized, what are the items that appear in an IT budget, and what are the properties of these items

- The Budgeting Process: describes the budgeting process in details

- Practical Approach – Budget in the Government of Saudi Arabia

- Methods of Budget Estimation: describes two famous methods of budget and cost estimation that are deployed and used widely by IT organizations

- Success Factors: provides some guidelines and advices for successful budgeting

IT Budgetting (1)

IT budgeting is an important subject for IT managers and CIOs around the world. This importance comes from its’ being a decisive factor in the success of the IT department by ensuring that sufficient financial resources are available for the sustainability and the growth of the IT department and its services.

A Budget is defined as an itemized forecast of an organization’s income and expenses for a futuristic period. The budget can be structured in many ways based on the organization’s (or the country’s) standards.. One of the widely adopted approaches for structuring the budget is to build the budget on the basis of two main categories:

- Capital cost: concern the purchase of assets intended for long-term use within the organization
- Operational cost: day-to-day costs that are not associated with tangible production resources

The Budgeting Process is the process of ensuring that the correct finance is available for the provision of IT Services and that during the budget period they are not over-spent. The budgeting process is a cornerstone of the IT Financial Management process which is responsible for the identification, calculation, monitoring and onward allocation of costs for the IT Services.

The budgeting process is split into two separate but related processes; setting the budget and monitoring the budget.

The process of setting the budget is mainly concerned with preparing the budget for the coming fiscal year or period. The process of monitoring the budget is concerned with ensuring that the budget of the current fiscal year is spent properly.
Monitoring the budget is also concerned with foreseeing and reporting any deviations from the allocated budget. It is important to establish the governance of the IT department over all IT-related budgeting in the organization; this is the only way to establish full accountability on the IT assets and resources. In more practical terms,
no department should be allowed to allocate IT-related cost in their budgets. Departments must request any IT spending from the IT department. Without achieving this, IT departments will not be able to control IT assets in the organization.

In the companies that have IT Support, each organization is requested to follow the standard budget structure and its guidelines for reporting their yearly budget. The standard budget structure is meant to be generic in order to cater for the different needs of the company regardless of their nature.
However, it is noted that currently there are no clear IT-related categories or elements in the budget structure of organization.
This fact creates difficulties for company in allocating the IT budget properly and tracking the IT spending.

Jan 22, 2010

Nexans : LANmark-6 UTP Cat6 new PVC Box 305m

LANmark-6 cable is the ultimate solution for a future proof network. It
is specifically designed to support the exacting requirements for
tomorrow's protocols, yet is fully backwards compatible with today's
needs. It is the recommended cable for all forthcoming installations.

•10baseT Ethernet
•100baseTX Fast Ethernet
•1000baseTX Gigabit Ethernet
•155 MBit ATM
•622 MBit ATM
•1.2 Gbit ATM
•future class E applications

LANmark-6 is independently verified to exceed the requirements of the
ISO/IEC 11801:2002 Category 6 requirements.


Tested to 350 MHz and with guaranteed performance to 250 MHz,
Nexans LANmark-6 cables provide guaranteed headroom and
bandwidth over and above the requirements of all international,
european and american cable standards, including ISO/IEC
11801:2002, IEC 61156-5, EN 50173, EN 50288, TIA/EIA 568-


LANmark-6 is installed in exactly the same way as Category 5 cables.
The C³ central cross member reduces the risk of crushing and kinking.

LAN Cabling Systems
Tandy House, Felixstowe Road,
Abbey Wood,
SE2 9AA London
United Kingdom
Phone: 0208 557 3456

Grenvil Blok AW No.25 Jak-Bar
Jakarta Barat / 11510, Jakarta
M.+62 818 0607 2027
T. +62-81806072027
F. +62-21-92695605

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