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Jun 30, 2011

Part 12 - AutoCAD Command Shortcuts [THREE DIMENSIONAL - 3D]

3D; 3D; Command line 3D solid options
BOX; BOX; Draw a cube
CYLINDER; CYLINDER; Draw a cylinder
DDUCS; DDUCS; Opens ucs dialogue
DDUCSP; DDUCSP; Opens ucs dialogue at orthographic tab
EXT; EXTRUDE; Extrude a face
IN; INTERSECT; Intersect an object
REV; REVOLVE; Revolves an object about an axis
RR; RENDER; Open render dialogue box
SE; SECTION; Section
SL; SLICE; Slice a solid
SU; SUBTRACT; Subtract selection from solid
TOR; TORUS; Draw torus shape
UC; DDUCS; Displays UCS manager dialogue box
UCS; UCS; UCS command line options
UNI; UNION; Union solids
VPORTS; VPORTS; Opens viewport dialogue box
WE; WEDGE; Draw a wedge

Jun 29, 2011

Part 11 - AutoCAD Command Shortcuts [TEXT]

%%O OVERSCORE Toggles overscore mode on/off
%%P ± Plus/minus symbol
%%U UNDERSCORE Toggles underscore on/off
%%C Ø Diameter dimensioning symbol
%%D ° Degrees symbol

TCIRCLE; TCIRCLE Places circle, slot, or rectangle around each selected text object
TEXT; DTEXT; Single line dynamic text
TEXTFIT; TEXTFIT; Stretches/shrinks text by selecting new start and/or end points
TORIENT; TORIENT; Rotates text, mtext, and attribute definition objects
WIPEOUT; WIPEOUT; Masks part of drawing for clarity
DT; DTEXT; Single line dynamic text - Justify/Align to fit within text line
ED; DDEDIT; Edit text
FIND; FIND; Opens find and replace dialogue box
JUSTIFYTEXT; JUSTIFYTEXT; Change the justification point without moving text
MIRRTEXT; MIRRTEXT; Mirrtext 0 to turn off
SCALETEXT; SCALETEXT; Scales text without moving the text insertion point
SPELL; SPELLCHECK; Performs spellcheck - ALL checks all text in drawing
ST; STYLE; Opens text style dialogue box
T or MT; MTEXT Multiline/paragraph text

1. To fit or align text in a defined area use DTEXT and select JUSTIFY/ALIGN or FIT - very
useful if text is enclosed by a rectangle/ circle/etc.
1. Text entered in paperspace is 1:1, e.g. 5mm high text will print 5mm high.

Jun 28, 2011

Part 10 - AutoCAD Command Shortcuts [OBJECT SNAP - OSNAP]

F3; OSNAP; Switches osnap on/off
F9; or CTRL+B; SNAP; Turns snap on/off
F11; or CTRL+W; OSNAP TRACK Turns object snap tracking on/off
APP; APPARENT; INT Apparent intersection of 2 objects
CEN; CEN; of Snap to centre point
DS; DDOSNAP; Opens drafting settings/object snap dialogue
END; ENDPOINT; Snap to end of line etc
EXT; EXTENSION; Extends lines beyond endpoint
FRO; FROM; Snap to an offset distance from an object snap
INS; INSERTION; Snap to insertion point of text or block
INT; INTERSECTION; Snap to intersection of lines, circles, arcs
MID; MIDPOINT; Snap to midpoint of line etc
MTP; Snap midpoint between two points
NEA; NEAREST; Snap near to an object
NOD; NODE; Snap to point node
NON; NONE; Turns off object snap modes
PAR; PARALLEL; Continues a line parallel to existing
PER; PERPENDICULAR; Snap to perpendicular of line etc
QUA; QUADRANT; Snap to quadrant of circle, arc, ellipse
TAN; TANGENT; Snap to tangent of circle, arc, ellipse
TK; TRACK; Locate points without drawing lines
TT; TT; Temporary tracking point

1. Use TAB to cycle through Osnap points.
2. SHIFT+RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON to reveal Osnap options

Jun 27, 2011

Part 9 - AutoCAD Command Shortcuts [OBJECT SELECTION]

OBJECT SELECTION (use with editing commands)
A; ADD; Adds each successive object, switches from remove
ALL; ALL All objects on thawed layers
CP; CPOLYGON; Objects touching or enclosed by selection polygon
C; CROSSING; Objects touched or enclosed by window - Move right to left
F; FENCE; Objects touch by single selection fence
G; GROUP; Opens object grouping dialogue - use with copy/move/etc
L; LAST; Most recently created visible object
P; PREVIOUS; Most recent selection set
R; REMOVE; Objects to remove from selection set
SNAPANG; SNAPANGLE; Change the snap angle from default 0°
W; WINDOW; Objects enclosed by window - Move left to right
WP; WPOLYGON; Objects within a window polygon

1. Use SHIFT+LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to deselect an object.
2. When a grip point is selected cycle through command options using keyboard spacebar - sequence STRETCH, MOVE, ROTATE, SCALE, MIRROR.
3. Object Cycling - hold down the Control key while picking, AutoCAD will cycle through all the
objects that fall under the pickbox as you continue to pick. When the correct object is
highlighted, simply hit Enter. You don't need to continue to hold down the Control key after
the first pick.

Jun 26, 2011

Part 8 - AutoCAD Command Shortcuts [MODIFYING OBJECTS]

LEN; LENGTHEN; Lengthen or shorten a line
M; MOVE; Move an object
MI; MIRROR; Mirror an object
MOCORO; MOVE/COPY/ROTATE; Copy move and rotate an object with one command
O; OFFSET; Offset an object by distance
RO; ROTATE; Rotate an object
S; STRETCH; Stretch an object
SC; SCALE; Scale an object
TR; TRIM; Trim objects
X; EXPLODE; Explode single entity to component parts
AL; ALIGN; Align an object with another
AR; ARRAY; Make multiple copies of an object
BR; BREAK; Break a line by defining 2 points
CO; or CP COPY; Copy object
COPYTOLAYER ; COPYTOLAYE;R Copy object from one layer to another
CHA; CHAMFER; Chamfer between 2 non-parallel lines
E; ERASE; Erase selection
EX; EXTEND; Extend a line to meet another
F; FILLET; Draw an arc between 2 intersecting lines
G; GROUP; Opens object grouping dialogue - use to copy or move

1. When a grip point is selected cycle through command options using keyboard spacebar -
2. Switch between Group and Ungroup using CTRL+H, yes H

Jun 25, 2011

Part 7 - AutoCAD Command Shortcuts [LAYERS]

LA; LAYER Opens layer manager
LAYCUR; LAYERCURRENT; Change objects to current layer
LAYDEL; LAYERDELETE; Delete a layer by selecting object
LAYFRZ; LAYERFREEZE; Freeze a layer by selecting object
LAYISO; LAYERISOLATE; Isolates a layer by selecting object
LAYLCK; LAYERLOCK; Lock a layer by selecting object
LAYMCH; LAYERMATCH; Match properties of a layer
LAYMRG; LAYERMERGE; Moves objects from first layer to second and deletes first
LAYOFF; LAYEROFF; Switches a layer off
LAYON; LAYERON; Switches all layers on except frozen layers
LAYERP; LAYERPREVIOUS; Restores previous layer state
LAYTHW; LAYTHW; Thaws all layers
LAYWALK; LAYERWALK; Walk through layers
LMAN; LMAN; Access Layer manager to save and restore layer states

Layer States - Create a layer state in Layer Manager (LA then Alt+S) to quickly switch between
different layer property settings.

Jun 24, 2011

Part 6 - AutoCAD Command Shortcuts [INQUIRY]

AA ; AREA ; Calculate the area
DI ; DIST ; Calculate a distance and angle
DDPTYPE ; DDPTYPE ; Opens point style dialogue box
ID ; ID ; Display the co-ordinate values of a point
LI or LS ; LIST ; Display information about objects in a text window
MASSPROP ; MASSPROP ; Calculate the region/mass properties of a solid
PR ; PROPERTIES ; Opens properties dialogue box
WHOHAS ; WHOHAS ; Displays who has a drawing open
XLIST ; XLIST ; Lists type/block name/layer name/color/linetype of a nested object in a block or an xref


1. If you wish to identify a known location use ID and enter co-ordinates on command line to mark
that location with a node point - if you do not see anything try changing the node properties
2. Alternatively set PDMODE to 3 to display an X at id point set PDMODE to 0 to clear.

Jun 23, 2011

Part 5 - AutoCAD Command Shortcuts [FUNCTION KEYS]

F1 ; HELP ; Opens Autocad help
F2 ; TEXTSCR GRAPHSCR; Switches between text screen and graphic area
F3 ; OSNAP ; Switches osnap on/off
F5 or CTRL+E ; ISOPLANE ; Cycles through isoplanes
F6 or CTRL+D ; COORDS ; Turns coordinate display on/off
F7 or CTRL+G ; GRID ; Turns grid on/off
F8 or CTRL+L ; ORTHO ; Turns ortho on/off
F9 or CTRL+B ; SNAP ; Turns snap on/off
F10 or CTRL+U ; POLAR ; Turns polar on/off
F11 or CTRL+W ; OSNAP TRACK ; Turns object snap tracking on/off
F12 ; DYNMODE ; Turns dynamic input on/off

Breaking News : Workers From Indonesia: I cite this as a sex slave in Saudi Arabia

Workers From Indonesia: I cite this as a sex slave in Saudi Arabia

Workers from Indonesia, who recently returned from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia,
wiped tears on arrival at Terminal II, Sukarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta, some time ago.

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono urged immediate defense measures against 28 Workers From Indonesia which is now awaiting the death penalty in Saudi Arabia.
Executive Director delivered insistence Migrant Care, Anis Hidayah, who met in his office.
"Stop the recriminations and polemics about the death Ruyati sentenced to death.
Perform step 28 to defend and protect other workers from Indonesia who would suffer the same fate with Ruyati, "said Anis.

He urged the president immediately take concrete steps.
"Do not just busy defending themselves from the rhetoric and accusations.
Pay an error that caused the death Ruyati to save another 28 workers from Indonesia, "said Anis.

According to him, the 28 workers from Indonesia are threatened with the death penalty in Saudi Arabia is Sulaimah, Siti Zaenab Duhri Arts, Muhammad Zaini Madurese.
Dwi Mardiyah, Nurfadilah, Suwarni, Hafidz Bin Kholil Sulam, Nursiyati from East Java.
Eti Thoyib Anwar, Yanti Irianti, Karsih, Ruyati, Darsem, Emi, Nesi, Rosita Siti, Saadah, Jamilah Satinah from West Java and Central Java.
Of South Kalimantan recorded Aminah Budi, Darmawati Tarjani, Niyan Muhammad, Abdul Aziz Supiyani,
Mursyidi Muhammad, and Ahmad Zizi Hatati. From West Kalimantan recorded Sulaimah.

Two other workers from Indonesia origin is unknown territory, namely Nurmakin Sobri and Ahmad Fauzi.
A number of workers from Indonesia who was met at the boarding house in East Jakarta Migrant Care admit, living like a slave working in Saudi Arabia. "They satisfy the sexual desires and lust killed us," said Tati Imas Women Workers (22).

Two years ago a woman from Majalengka is working in Kuwait.
There he had several times escaped from the employer and the nephew of rape. Finally, he tried to escape from rape to come down and fell from the third floor of her employer's apartment. The backbone of the middle section was crushed, the broken foot bone joints. Colleague experienced a similar fate, Dewiyanti Brebes origin, and Muslim women from Tegal Shack, Indramayu, Central Java.
Imas said, in Saudi Arabia, the Indonesian female servants are treated as slaves.

"Persecuted and raped repeatedly by the employer and his family, sold and squeezed supplier agencies maids.
That was my experience and most of his friends a job in Saudi Arabia, "said Imas.

Rosnani (48), Female Workers who sat beside Imas, confirmed.
"If you are old like me, people were hooked engga. Instead, I was blackmailed to work 22 hours every day without a holiday.

Beaten, locked up, spat upon, thrown into the gutter. I can not stand, finally fled back to Indonesia with his own money. Escaped from agents has also been lucky, "he said.


If to make up for a lawbreaker in Arabic is IDR
Means when there are 50 offenders, can result in spending as much: IDR X 50 =
Deport the whole labor of the Arabs, and form / create a reservoir of labor means the source (company) in Indonesia for hire
Indonesian society, so that the people of Indonesia no longer need to go outside the State to seek employment, especially informal workers.

Breaking News : Three Things You Need Caution In This World

Three Things You Need Caution In This World

1. Work in the camel country beard (Arabic), especially Saudi Arabia
Because on that country, if you paid by them, the majority of them assume that you are a slave who could be treated as what they like.

If you are female workers, could you be a sex slave of men - married men in Arabic,
because their wives also encourage it to do their husbands,

and the traditions in their societies Adultery it is not.
If you are a man, could you be a sex slave homosexual men in the country,
according to a survey from a survey of social services in the Saudi Arabian said that 62.5% of them (men) are homosexuals.

If you want to find the thoughts and behaviors Mesum most in this world, you can only find it in Arab countries (especially Arabsaudi).

2. Doing the wrong thing in the eyes of the law of Saudi Arabia.

Because, in this country in accordance with their traditions, that they're the only people's actions are correct,
while if you do something with the goal of defending yourself, then you just give your neck in legal beheaded.

Nothing for the expatriate community in Saudi Arabia has the right to defend themselves.

3. Travel Holding On Arab Affairs

As, currently 80% of the Arab country is living below poverty,
so that reason and self-esteem they are far below the dumb ass and very easy
on the provocation to take any action with the lure of reward money and eat well-being,
such as acts of suicide bombings. (Down Payment is death, but after death they were not getting any kind,
including relatives of his wife and family of the offender / victim).

As one of the terrorist groups that were organized in the Arab lands, called Al-Qaeda has begun to run out of finances, and now they seem to be pursuing a strategy of kidnapping and robbery to obtain money (they (Al Qaeda) menganggab act is true, because ancestors and the gods they worship the jinn who justifies every means in fulfill their ambitions).

And one other terrorist groups, namely the Taliban will likely do the same thing done by their colleagues with the Al-Qaeda.

Avoid traveling to Arab lands, if it does not really matter.

Overall Conclusion
  • The Arabs, the majority think like a frog under the shell
  • Arabs, are the real barbarians who like to act violent
  • The Arabs, the majority did not know GOD, they are more familiar with Jin.
  • The Arabs, the majority is afraid of unrelated Sex (the wife they know it)
  • Arabs, is a source of inspiration Maksiat in this world, because they educate their traditions so.

Jun 22, 2011

Part 4 - AutoCAD Command Shortcuts [FORMATTING]

AP ; APPLOAD ; Opens application load dialogue box
BE ; BEDIT ; Opens the edit block definition dialogue box
BH ; BHATCH ; Opens hatch and gradient dialogue box
CUI ; Opens customise user interface dialogue
D ; DIMSTYLE ; Opens dimension style manager dialogue box
DC ; ADCENTER ; Opens designcenter
DDPTYPE ; DDPTYPE ; Opens point style dialogue box
LA ; LAYER ; Opens layer manager
LT ; DDLTYPE ; Opens line type manager
LTS ; LTSCALE ; Change the linetype scale
LW ; LWEIGHT ; Opens line weight settings dialogue box
MA ; MATCHPROPERTIES ; Match properties of an object
OP ; OPTIONS ; Launches options dialogue box
OS ; DDOSNAP ; Opens drafting settings object snap dialogue
PR ; DDCHPROP ; Opens properties dialogue box
SSM ; SHEETSET ; Opens sheet set manager palette
ST ; DDSTYLE ; Opens text style dialogue box
TP ; TOOLPALETTES ; Displays toolpalette
TS ; TABLESTYLE ; Opens table style dialogue box

Part 3 - AutoCAD Command Shortcuts [DRAWING OBJECTS]


A ; ARC Draw an arc with 3 points
B ; BLOCK Opens block dialogue box in order to make a block
BO ; BOUNDARY Draw a boundary
C ; CIRCLE Draw a circle
DO ; DONUT Draw a solid donut shape
DT ; TEXT Single line text
DIV ; DIVIDE Inserts point node a set division
EL ; ELLIPSE Draw an ellipse
F ; FILLET Draw an arc between 2 intersecting lines
G ; GROUP Opens object grouping dialogue
H ; HATCH Opens hatch and gradient dialogue box
L ; LINE Draw a line
LE ; QLEADER Draw a leader line (may need to adjust settings)
LEAD ; LEADER Leader line with annotation
ML ; MLINE Draw multilines
O ; OFFSET Offset an object by distance
PL ; PLINE Draw a polyline - a complex line
PO ; POINT Point marker or node - DDPTYPE to change pointstyle
POL ; POLYGON Draw a regular polygon 3 to 1024 sides
RAY ; RAY Construction line in one direction
REC ; RECTANG Draw a rectangle
REG ; REGION Region - for shading for example
REVCLOUD ; REVCLOUD Revision cloud - note can select a polyline
SPL ; SPLINE Spline or smooth curve along points
T ; MTEXT Multi-line text
WIPEOUT ; WIPEOUT Masks part of drawing for clarity
XL ; XLINE Construction line of infinite length

1. Use PO to create node point - if you do not see anything try changing the node properties DDPTYPE.
2. Alternatively set PDMODE to 3 to display an X at id point set PDMODE to 0 to clear.

Part 2 - AutoCAD Command Shortcuts [COORDINATE ENTRY]


#X,Y ; Location measured by distance from 0,0 in current UCS
@X,Y ; Location measured by distance from last point
#distance ; Location measured by distance and angle from 0,0 in current UCS
@distance ; Location measured by distance and angle from last point
.x or.y or .xy etc ; Location by extracting and combining coordinate values from 2 or 3 points
distance ; Location direct from current position in direction of movement
; An angle override from current point

Part 1 - AutoCAD Command Shortcuts [CONTROL KEYS]


CTRL+A ; Select all
CTRL+C ; COPYCLIP ; Copies objects to clipboard
CTRL+H ; Turns a group on or off
CTRL+J ; Repeats last command
CTRL+N ; NEW ; Opens create new drawing dialogue box
CTRL+O ; OPEN ; Opens the select file dialogue box
CTRL+P ; PLOT ; Opens the plot dialogue box
CTRL+R ; CVPORT ; Switches between viewports
CTRL+S ; QSAVE ; Opens the save drawing as dialogue box
CTRL+SHIFT+S ; Save as
CTRL+V ; PASTECLIP ; Pastes data from clipboard to drawing
CTRL+X ; CUTCLIP ; Removes select object from drawing to clipboard
CTRL+Y ; REDO ; Performs the operation cancelled by UNDO
CTRL+Z ; UNDO ; Undoes the last operation
CTRL+TAB ; Switches between open drawings
CTRL+PAGE UP ; Switch up between layout tabs
CTRL+PAGE DOWN; Switch down between layout tabs
ARROW UP/Down; Recall last command
CTRL+0 ; CLEANSCREEN ; Turns user interface elements on/off
CTRL+1 ; PROPERTIES ; Turns properties on/off
CTRL+2 ; ADCENTER ; Turns design center on/off
CTRL+3 ; TOOLPALETTES ; Turns tool palettes window on/off
CTRL+8 ; QUICKCALC ; Launches calculator window

Jun 21, 2011

Do not Believe the People of Saudi Arabia. Banish Those Of Your country.

To The World.
Do not let your family, your society that women are husband / wife working in Saudi Arabia, because the Arabs are always looked down on a worker in their country, they assume that workers in their country are slaves that can be treated at will. Actually.
Actually the Arabs is lower than the first Egyptian pharaoh era, and therefore that the Saviour came to teach the nation - a nation that is in the Arabian Peninsula to get to know you.
However, they still harden their hearts and minds in the traditions they have, such as: Hand replied Hand, Head replied Head , Lives replied Lives, etc.

1st day, Demonstration in Jeddah to Remove Penalties Beheaded

In Saudi Arabia, with only two false witnesses, you can be killed.
And so, in fact the nation who can not live with other nations are heterogeneous nations - nations that exist in the area of ​​Arab lands. They are lower than the dumb ass, dumb ass because it never bite each other, but the Arabs consider themselves higher than that of foreign nations.
This is actually very embarrassing, because they are the lowest nation on earth.

2nd day, Demonstration in Madinah to Remove Penalties Beheaded


Again, 2 Hand Cut Threatened LABOR
No Proof. Existing Only False Witness / slanderer

Two (LABOR) A State of origin in Asia, the threatened penalty of hand amputation received from the government of Saudi Arabia in Jeddah.

Both are Sab'atun LABOR (30) and her husband Hasin (40). Both are accused of stealing a kilogram of gold owned by his employer Sayyid Umar Said Bamusak. Clarity of the news was delivered by Makbul (30), siblings Sab'atun.

According to Makbul, Sab'atun apprise about the punishment meted out to him via SMS on Monday (6/13/2011) ago. Both now been moved from prison Hokok Al Islahiyah, Rowes, Ambar Tis'ah, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to a dark prison.

Pascapemindahan prison, Makbul've lost touch with his brother. The news through SMS from his brother, said Makbul, still a secret to their mother. Makbul worried, the mother would be shocked to hear that.
"I am confused as to convey to my mother. Because he always asked about Sab'atun after they hear the news of Manpower in Saudi Arabia that will be executed cut hands," said Makbul to, via phone on Monday (20/06/2011 ).

Both LABOR is also the husband of the wife, jailed since 2006. Both go through the distribution of labor service company, in 2001 ago. Recently, four months into EMPLOYMENT, both are suddenly accused of stealing her employer's gold (note: there is no evidence, only a false witness who speaks).
According to Makbul story, if you want to escape, they had asked for a ransom of USD 250 million by the employer. "Because my brother was not stealing, they do not want to pay the ransom," he said.

Peering Qisas Law in Saudi Arabia

The practice of the death penalty for perpetrators of crimes in almost all countries have a lot left. Only a few are still impose the death penalty for crimes cases is regarded as grave breaches.

China for example, still impose the death penalty by firing the corrupt. Because corruption is considered serious crimes that has harmed the country and the people. In the United States also do the same for a crime that is not forgiven, even by lethal injection, no longer in power.

The practice of capital punishment in Indonesia itself has not been abandoned completely. For example death by being shot as experienced triumvirate terrorists, Amrozi, Imam Samudra and Ali Gufron. Tibo rioters in Palu and Sumiarti murderer Navy family members in Surabaya. And, in some trials in certain cases,
Prosecutors are still often impose demands up to a maximum death penalty.

Maybe the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which still impose the death penalty by memengal or decapitate heads. This perceived lack of 'humane' way death by being shot, electric shocks or injected. Moreover, most of which were executed rather than the citizens of Saudi Arabia, but more of the immigrants or
foreigners, such as from Indonesia as experienced maids from Bekasi, West Java, Ruyati (54) who was beheaded on Saturday (18/06/2011) Saudi Arabia time.

Laws enacted to death in Saudi Arabia under the pretext of running syriat Islam. That every murderer should be sentenced to be killed anyway or Qisas. "So here beheaded law better known to the law qisas," Tio said Mohammed, an Indonesian citizen who live in Makkah al Mukaramah told AFP on Sunday (06/19/2011).

Post-beheading of his own Ruyati by Tio, the talk-of-mouth among LABOR. "Here was afraid to talk about it, for fear of libel as well, because here is very serious also for the perpetrators of slander," said Tio is already 10 years living and working in this city of Mecca.

Tio himself admitted during the stay in Saudi Arabia has witnessed the beheading of punishment. "I've seen people beheaded twice with my own eyes. It was in Jeddah, when three people are beheaded," he said, saying that people who are less powerful can see fainted, screamed hysterically until vomiting.

Usually qisas itself held every Friday, especially according to Friday prayers. Each implementation is done by so tight guard of hundreds of soldiers and police.

"People will be punished diberdirikan on a stage made half a meter. Before beheading would be read the charges, city and country of origin. After the prayer was read and was beheaded with a special sword very sharp in order to quickly process," said Tio.

After the execution on the spot put up the fire engine. "Yes it is to spray water to clean blood spills quickly and is like no nothing, like no qisas punishment," he explained.

Tio also menjelasan in almost all major cities in Saudi Arabia imposed a law qisas for murder and drug dealers.

"If the drug user is not on qisas, unless the issuer only. This is enforced in the city of Makkah, Madinah, Jeddah, Damam, Ta'if and other cities," he said.

In Jeddah alone usually prepared qisas place in a field in the vicinity of Al Balad. Al Balad itself is a commercial and trading area not far from the beach.

"If the first in Mecca, will Qishos dilaksanakn not far from the Grand Mosque, now do not know anymore. If said people in the region Tan'im. I heard the mother Ruyati also convicted in Makkah, but I dont know where exactly," he said.

Tio and a number of other mukimin expressed precisely by the law of qisas imposed in Saudi Arabia to make sense of security residents, including immigrants. Because most of the safety of offenders, though no doubt there are still other minor criminal cases.

"Yes in some ways we agree qisas is to create an effective deterrent effect. I agree the death penalty as applied in China against the corrupt. If in Indonesia kills it like killing a chicken. Almost every day there are killings, but the culprit is not a deterrent, because the law is less firm. Moreover, cases of corruption, "he explained

Tio invites all people, especially in Indonesia to pay attention again about sending maids to the Arabs, let alone a matter of doctrine which states the prohibition of women traveling far from home.

"Surely this is not a question of ban on women working or the issue of gender. But how good is considered again, if you do not want to cause a greater disaster. Because a woman's risk is greater. MANPOWER is a male only dangerous, some even held hostage in the rich Somalia. But at least the risk of a man, a head of household obligations make a living, "he concluded.

Ruyati beheaded, Priyo Proposal For The Marriage Contract Arabs Arrested.

Vice Chairman of the People's Council of Idonesia Priyo Budi Santoso sympathy for the fate that befell Ruyati maids who beheaded by the Saudi Arabian government. Priyo Saudi Arabia suggested that people who contract marriage in Indonesia was arrested and humiliated.

"If I personally, I suggested what if the Saudi Arabian contract marriage in Indonesia and is clearly violating the rules were arrested and humiliated," said Priyo in the People's Council of Building, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (06/20/2011).

He wrote it as a form of return Indonesia to Saudi Arabia.
"We occasionally have to be firm, do not be weak in the eyes of other countries," he said.

What's ambassador in Saudi Arabia were evaluated? "I do not know how his case was Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia and how the position of Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia on the case. What is negligent or not really new to be executed the next day, we will be news," said Priyo.

Priyo agree if the attitude of the People's Council of Commission I was made to dismiss the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Saudi Arabia. "I will soon sign a letter of termination and will notify you directly to the foreign minister when the deal was made ​​at the Commission I," says this bespectacled man.

He argues the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Saudi Arabia not only need to call home but evaluated its performance on the protection of Indonesian citizens in Saudi Arabia. "It's about life so it can not fool around," said Golkar politician.

Jun 20, 2011

Breaking News : Reality and hypocrisy

In many countries in the world, many countries have implemented the separation between faith and her faith in order to avoid friction and hypocrisy.
However, many in other countries too, has always maintained that hypocrisy obtrude on others. Especially about sex, there are who think that they can air-wife more than one and may buy other women to become their sex slave, even as the Kwait end - this end, a government official, even suggested that the husband bought other women SEX them as slaves.
Truly barbaric and hypocritical. Instead, we humans choose your path, left or right, good or bad, and your reward will you get from what you have chosen.

And most people expected us, berbiatlah good and right and live right in front of GOD.

Examples of separation of good and bad events in the Netherlands.

There is a "Gay" Sex Here!

There's a new scene in Kralinge Bos, a garden city of Rotterdam, Netherlands. The city government has installed a stake painted a picture of the rainbow and a pair of legs.

It stake to remind visitors that the park became a place of homosexuals dating and sex.
Gays should only be making out at the places marked with stakes rainbow. Beyond that they could be fined.
An official with the city of Rotterdam is responsible for the rainbow's stakes program says, "Everyone has the right to have fun."


Below there is a foolish thought, which may also represent many of the nation of Indonesia as one mind with the idea and under these conditions.

Many Indonesian people believe that foreign nations can bribe with the word "Friends" as is often done a lot of the people of Indonesia to the law officers.

Priyo: Saudi Arabia Violating State Ethics and Aesthetics As Friend

Vice chairman of the House, Priyo Budi Santoso criticizing the government of Saudi Arabia mengesekusi dead maids, Ruyati without informing the government of Indonesia. According to the shocking attitude of the Saudi Arabian government has hurt the good relations the two countries.

"Saudi Arabia is violating international order. Violating the ethics and aesthetics as a friendly country, because it's life sentence to eliminate at least notify the country concerned," said Priyo told AFP on Sunday (19/06/2011) night.

According to the Saudi Arabian government Priyo impressed underestimate the Indonesian government. The government also asked to provide a strong letter of protest to the government of Saudi Arabia.

"I look at Saudi Arabia's sometimes arbitrary, so it tends to underestimate. The government should send a strong letter of protest for not receiving the treatment," he explained.

Violence against migrant workers from Indonesia is not just this one time in the oil-rich country. Saudi Arabia's public culture which considers domestic slave is causing the maids we often do not get treated well.

"They see migrant workers as a slave, so it tends to underestimate. It must not happen again and I condemn it," he added.

Ruyati deceased bint Satubi qisas beheaded convicted on charges of murder of her employer's mother called Khairiyah Hamid 64-year-old with a butcher knife and then continued with the stabbing victim's neck with a kitchen knife.

Motive for murder is because of resentment caused by the mother often scolded by her employer because the salaries are not paid for 3 months (a total of SR 2400) and did not want her home, although often requested.

This murder case has been handled by the Police Sector Makkah Al Mansur Al Mukkarramah and workarounds since the beginning of the incident relatively quickly given the severity of the case and the strong evidence found at crime scenes.

The trial has been conducted Ruyati bint Satubi twice the May 3 and May 10, 2010. During the trial, Ruyati accompanied by two translators Court of Indonesia and Saudi Arabian nationals, and also attended by two staff of the Consulate General in Jeddah. Similarly, also in the process of investigation by the Investigation Agency Makkah and reproducible (reconstruction) at the crime scene, Ruyati always accompanied by a translator and Jeddah consulate staff.

According to the law in Saudi Arabia, executions may be canceled if the victims' families to forgive murderers. However, in the case of Ruyati, victims' families are not willing to forgive and execution ultimately keep running.


Indeed, many people protested against the death penalty events, including beheading and hanging. Who is worth taking a human life? GOD is worthy, no human being is worth taking another human life.

Many Politicians (Poly Mouse) in Indonesia and the Indonesian public that boasted - koar about someone's life is so meaningless, but in reality, many are also hypocritical in that regard, because they really are and in fact better appreciate life a pig, goat, chicken and more cattle than in humans.

Examples of this happens a lot, because a chicken one family killed, because a goat eat the grass, one family were killed. Morality and mentality of the people of Indonesia must be cultivated not by theory alone, but with the practice of the

Public beheadings Do At Home

Representatives of Indonesia also did not know whether the execution Ruyati performed in public as usual executions in Saudi Arabia.

But, according to Didi beliefs, Ruyati was almost certainly beheaded in public.

"It's almost certainly in public. Nothing has ever been beheaded punishment that is not done in public," said Didi Wahyudi already loaded experience in dealing with cases of torture in Saudi maids.

Meanwhile, NGOs advocate migrant workers, MigrantCare, Monday (19 / 6) will conduct prayers at the cross-Monas, Jakarta, to commemorate Ruyati Supabi bint.

Jun 16, 2011

Fanless Technology : ACP-5152

15.6" Fanless Multi-Touch Window Computer With Onboard Intel Dual Core Atom D510 Processor


Power Supply

* DC input 70W
DC 12V, with AC power adapter with lock


* Operating Temperature
32°F ~ 113°F (0°C ~ 45°C)(Ambient with Airflow)
* Storage Temperature
-4°F ~ 140°F (-20°C ~ 60°C)
* Storage Humidity
10%~95% @ 40°C; non-condensing
* Vibration
1 g rms/ 5~500Hz/ Random operation (HDD)
* Shock
15 G peak acceleration (11 msec. Duration)
CE/FCC Class A

Main Feature

* 15.6" WXGA (1366 x 768) Fanless TFT LCD Display
* Superior Onboard Intel Dual Core Atom D510 Processor
* Easy-To-Clean: Multi-Touch Window Design (Two-Point)
* IPX1 100% Water-Proof
* Anti-Scratch Surface (7H Hardness)
* Smart Card Reader/ RF ID/ MSR/ Skype Phone/ Camera Support


* Processor
Onboard Intel Dual Core Atom D510 1.66 GHz
* Memory
DDR2 SODIMM x1, up to 2GB
* LCD/CRT Controller
Integrated in Processor
* Ethernet
10/100/1000Base-TX, RJ-45 x 2
* I/O Port
RS-232 x 1, USB2.0 x 6 (2 on side; 4 on rear), Line-out x 1, VGA x 1
* Storage Disk Drive
2.5" SATA Hard Disk Drive/ CompactFlash Slot (Internal)
* Expansion Slot
Mini card x 2
* OS Support
Windows XP (T/S: Single point), Linux Fedora (T/S: Single point), Windows 7 (T/S: Multi-point)


* Construction
IP-65/ NEMA4 for plastic front bezel, IPX1 for plastic chassis
* Mounting
VESA 75/100
* Dimension
15.5" x 10.7" x 2.44" (394mm x 272mm x 62mm)
* Carton Dimension

* Gross Weight

* Net Weight


* Type
Projected Capacitive Multi-Touch (WindowsR 7)
* Light Transmission
* Lifetime (times)


* Display Type
* Max Resolution
1366 x 768
* Max. Colors
16.7M colors (6/8-bit for R,G,B)
* Luminance
300 cd/m2
* Viewing Angle
170°(H), 160°(V)
* Back Light
* Back Light MTBF (hours)

Please serach in Google with key : AAEON ACP-5152
You can found distributor of that product in :

Latin America
North America
Japan/ Korea
Asia Pacific
Middle East

Breaking News : Violent behavior (Phitecantropus Erectus) which began to appear a lot in the middle of Indonesian society

Has now entered the Millennium century, precisely in 2011.
However, attitudes and human behavior in general which appeared at this time does not indicate the development of properties and behaviors of tolerance and mutual understanding and mutual respect-respect, it emerged that is the nature and behavior of the bars (arrogant) or in other words is the nature Phitecantropus Erectus (Upright Walking Ape Man).

The foregoing, lately very often occur in various regions in Indonesia. The cause of it is less known for certain, but when considered from the behavior and actions are, indeed people who are fighting really wanted to turn himself into Phitecantropus Erectus .
As demonstrated by the events below.

2 Group Gangster Armed Clashes

Dozens of gangsters from the two groups clashed because the fight was almost one-hectare site behind the Central Market Pekkabata, Village Pekkabata on Wednesday afternoon.

Polewali Mandar,
Two groups of gangsters almost complete with sharp weapons clashed behind Pekkabata Central Market, Village Pekkabata, Polewali Mandar, West Sulawesi, on Wednesday (06/15/2011) afternoon.

1 hectare of land dispute has been continuing since five years ago. Kubu Haji Sumra claim as their own dispute over the location because it has bagged a valid certificate from the Land Polewali.

Meanwhile, the stronghold of Baco commo assess the land certificate was not valid. The reason, Baco claimed to have won a land dispute case in the Supreme Court in 2007 ago.

The heat of the situation this afternoon made ​​the people around the location of fear. Luckily did not expand because of dozens of riot police were already at the site tried to intervene and arrest some gangsters who assessed the provocateur.

However, due to this incident, the Central Market Pekkabata activity was disrupted. Some merchants choose to close shop. Luckily, a riot between the two sides are not widespread. Dozens of police and armed military members secure location.

Jun 14, 2011

And watch out, the movement to sell the wife on the pretext of justification Obedient Wife Husband.


In this take, there are things - things related to the activities of "OBEY HUSBAND WIFE CLUB" and some things that might occur due to any of the work program and the Vision and Mission of "OBEY HUSBAND WIFE CLUB. "
Beware, Trading Women / Wife Covert.
And watch out, the movement to sell the wife on the pretext of justification Obedient Wife Husband.



KUALA LUMPUR-Obedient Husband Wife Club (Obedient Wives Club / OWC) is considered degrading and humiliating Muslim men in Malaysia, said Minister of Women, Family, and Community Malaysia.
Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said that many complained to her father and husband. They feel ashamed because the club raises the perception that the Malaysian man demanding "things" certain of the wife.
"It is disturbing, twisted the teachings of Islam in such a way as to create the perception that women are treated like slaves by their husbands," said Sharizat while attending the launch of fashion bags in Kuala Lumpur, Monday (13/6/2/2011).
Shahrizat stressed OWC is a small club and not representing Muslims in Malaysia. "I do not think there is a husband who would follow the advice of a small group of classmates who put their wives with prostitutes," said Shahrizat.
"The club has created a negative perception of Islam in the eyes of the world," he said with a tone of concern.
Shahrizat said OWC mowed a lot of questions about when a visit abroad. "In Kazkhstan, I asked, is it true Malaysian women are helpless and easily governed husband and others," said Shahrizat.
"No woman who got bad treatment in Malaysia," he said.
Last week, OWC become international news because of controversial pahamnya. According to the club, all wives must obey and serve her husband in all things, including being "better at it than first-class slut" in bed.
Since its founding on June 4, OWC has about 1,000 members and has branches in several countries, including in Jakarta who will be inaugurated on 19 June.
OWC plans to open branches in several cities in Europe, among others in London and Rome

Teach WIFE SO Sex Commersial Colonizer

Mire, a controversial organization established in Malaysia, his club Obedient Wife Husband (Obedient Wives Club / OWC). The club believes the secret of happy marriage is to obey her husband and give him sexual satisfaction.
OWC was launched on Saturday (06/04/2011) last week. The club believes could "cure" social ills such as prostitution and divorce by teaching obedience to their husbands and make them happy in bed.
One member of the OBC is obtained sex lesson. The goal is to help the wives could "serve their husbands more than commercial sex workers (CSWs) first class."
According to the vice president Rohaya OBC Dr. Mohammad, his wife should not be just a skilled cook and a good mother. Wives should "obey, serve, and enjoyable" husband not to "wander" or naughty.
In other words, continued Rohaya, "disobedient wife who made the world broke down" because the husband was not happy at home and mind and their soul disturbed.
"In Asian societies, sex is a taboo. We ignore it in marital life, but everything is rooted in sex. A good wife is a good slut for her husband. What's wrong with being a prostitute for her own husband?" Rohaya said.
He said a satisfied husband in bed does not have a reason for looking for satisfaction outside the home such as looking for prostitutes or other satisfaction.
"Institutions are protected and our families can stem the social ills such as prostitution, domestic violence, human perdangangan, and neglected children," said Rohaya. He added that those problems caused sexual dissatisfaction at home.
Rohaya who was a doctor at the health ministry for 15 years said, OWC also offers counseling services and lessons to the wives, husbands and partners.
OWC Malaysia now has a membership of about 800 people. While branches in Jordan of 200 women. Indonesia Branch, Rohaya said, will be launched on 19 June.
When asked whether a wife must remain in compliance when her husband was having an affair despite being rough or satisfied at home, Rohaya said, everyone must obey the law of God.
"God has ways and fair to everyone. My husband had to obey the rules of God. It means she can go to hell. But still, a woman must be a good wife," he said.
OWC was established by the Global Muslim Brotherhood group, which was rejected by politicians and activists because it was considered a setback to the medieval and modern women insult Malaysia. Previously, this group founded the Club Polygamy.
The Global Muslim Brotherhood itself is a branch of Al-Arqam sect banned in Malaysia in 1994 because his teachings deviated from Islam. Most of the OWC members present were members of Al-Arqam.
Predictably, the establishment of this club has come under fire by many parties. One of the women's group Sistes in Islam. This group emphasized that marriage is the basis of cooperation and respect. Domestic violence, said the group, still occur regardless of the attitude of women.
"Communication, not conquest, it is important to maintain a healthy relationship," Sisters in Islam said in a statement.



Borneo Tribune,
Unfortunate fate, Siti Nurjanah (34) from Kampung Cibodas, Pasir Jambu Bandung regency. He nearly sold by her own husband named Joseph Suprayetno, to Malaysia to serve as maids.
Siti, while in the Nanda Dian Nusantara Foundation, on Thursday (19 / 2) tells the beginning he will be sold by her husband with an agent TKI, H. Dance to Malaysia began on 8 January, when her husband forced her to work to Malaysia with the lure of a wage 50 Ringgit per month.
"Offered the work to Malaysia, I refused but my husband forced me and threatened to kill me if you do not want to go to Malaysia," he said.
Feeling scared by such threats, Siti was willing finally to Malaysia. On 8 February, he and six other maids escorted by her husband to Pontianak. Promise him eleven days later he will be flown to Malaysia to work taking care of a nursing home. Time will be sent to Malaysia on February 19 yesterday, he had run away from temporary shelters in Pontianak.
Unfortunately, Siti can not remember the address of temporary shelter where he was accommodated.
"At 5:00 I ran away from the shelter through the window because at 08.00 I will be sent to Malaysia, escaped from the reservoir to walk for 1 hour later I went to the police station and I asked for help," he said.
Chairman of Yayasan Nanda Dian Nusantara (YNDN) Kalbar, Devie Tiomana describes himself received a report from the society around 10:00 there was a migrant worker named Siti Nurjanah confusion surrounding the terminal Batu Layang. He then picked TKW and took it to YNDN.
According to Siti, continued Devie, he ran away from shelters because they do not want to be sold by her husband Joseph Suprayetno and H. Dance. The victim was forced by her husband to work as migrant workers in Malaysia. As it gets torture of her husband, the victim finally come to Pontianak. In Pontianak he accommodated in temporary shelters that until now the address is not known because the victims forget the address. Victims are accommodated together with six other migrant workers.
"This is an indication of the husband sells his wife, and H. Dance is an old player. Because of the 12 cases handled by her maids, all claims submitted by H. TKW Dance," he said.
The plan, Siti would be sent back to Bandung today. To process the return, Devie have contact Poltabes Bandung to pick up Siti after arriving in Bandung. He also has asked Poltabes Bandung to trace the presence of H. Dance has always been a player in the delivery of TKI.
"We also are coordinating with Poltabes Pontianak to menyulusuri where shelter workers are. For still there are 6 other maids who to this day still unknown. We will continue to try to extract information from victims to know the existence of shelters," said Devie.

Siti Rahmah Binti Rahman (32), an origin of female workers in Bandung regency, ran away from shelters in the city of Pontianak. Siti husband plans to sell to one dealer TKW illegal in Malaysia.
"I have 11 days in Pontianak with her husband, Joseph Supriatna. There are also eight other people were accommodated in Pontianak," said Siti Rahman, in Pontianak, on Thursday.
He explained that in fact does not work in Malaysia, but her husband is always forced. Even her husband did not hesitate to use force if he refused.
"My husband had to threaten to divorce if I do not want to work in Malaysia," he said.
Siti said, while in the shelter, they can not leave the house by house relocation manager. The reason is fear of arrest because the police do not have a passport.
"When I take a bath this morning, at about 05:00, police arrested eight of my friends because they do not have a passport. The information is in accordance with my husband. Due to hear it, so there is a chance, I fled through the window," he said.
General Nanda Dian Nusantara Foundation (YNDN) Pontianak Tiomana Devi says, Siti Rahmah represent victims of human trafficking that is her own.
"In fact, eight police arrested her instead, but was brought to Malaysia for employment as a CSW (commercial sex workers). It was proved after we check directly to the North Sector Police said there was no woman worker who was arrested," he said.
Devi explained, the victim found near Terminal Batu Layang while being confused because they do not want to know where. "We have to coordinate with the police and said Jabar, it's true Siti Rahmah one of its citizens, while in the North Sector Police, the victim had asked for information," he said.
After the administrative process is completed, Siti Rahmah will be returned to his hometown at the expense of Nanda Dian Nusantara Foundation.


A Chinese man sells wife's breast milk on the Internet because he did not want the milk is wasted.
Li Jun of Hanyang district, Hubei Province, said his wife has the appetite like crazy after his wife gave birth to their child that has a surplus of milk.
"Every hour he produced about 200 milliliters of milk, which is too much for our baby," he told Chutian Golden Daily quoted Ananova site.
According to Li, "Breast milk a day enough to feed another baby."
Li also said his wife recently washed his face every day with the extra milk, even the one when he was forced Li to do the same.
"We feel this is too redundant, so we thought to sell it," Li said while adding that they had no intention of lucrative dairy products containing melamine contamination scandal which is currently spreading in China.
"If there are poor families who need us are ready to give it for free," Li said earnestly.
However, he did not mention the site address or email address where if there are enthusiasts who are interested in buying the milk of his wife.

New York
An unemployed try to pay tagihannnya that accumulate in a way inconsequential. How could I not? He posted ads on Craigslist site that offers
his own wife.
The man named Florian Penev from New York stated that his wife, Zdravka Zotkova, available for men who are interested. Of course, those wanting sexual services of the wife must pay some money.
An enthusiasts who are interested in advertising it was coming. But unlucky for Penev, it turned out to prospective customers is a policeman who was menyara. Penev and his wife were immediately arrested.
Penev admitted to police that he had just been fired from pekerjannya as a graphic designer. He also sells his wife as a shortcut to make money.
In the process of the court, found guilty of conspiracy Penev prostitution. He also fined large enough, ie U.S. $ 2000.
While his wife had to undergo a number of programs that prompted the court.



Di bawa ini, terdapat hal - hal terkait dengan aktifitas dari "KLUB ISTRI TAAT SUAMI" dan
beberapa hal yang mungkin saja dapat terjadi akibat daripada program kerja serta Visi dan Misi dari "KLUB ISTRI TAAT SUAMI".
Waspadai, Perdagangan Wanita/ Istri Terselubung.
Dan waspadai, gerakan pembenaran menjual istri dengan dalih Istri Taat Suami.



Klub Istri Taat Suami (Obedient Wives Club/OWC) dianggap merendahkan dan mempermalukan para lelaki Muslim di Malaysia, kata Menteri Pemberdayaan Perempuan, Keluarga, dan Komunitas Malaysia.
Menteri Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil mengatakan banyak ayah dan suami mengadu padanya. Mereka merasa malu karena klub itu menimbulkan persepsi bahwa lelaki Malaysia menuntut "hal-hal" tertentu dari istri.
"Sungguh merisaukan, ajaran Islam dipelintir sedemikian rupa sehingga menimbulkan persepsi bahwa perempuan diperlakukan seperti budak oleh suami mereka," kata Sharizat saat menghadiri peluncuran tas fashion di Kuala Lumpur, Senin (13/6/2/2011).
Shahrizat menegaskan OWC adalah klub kecil dan bukan mewakili umat Muslim di Malaysia. "Saya rasa tidak ada suami yang mau mengikuti saran kelompok kecil yang menempatkan istri mereka sekelas dengan pelacur," imbuh Shahrizat.
"Klub ini menciptakan persepsi negatif tentang ajaran Islam di mata dunia," katanya dengan nada prihatin.
Shahrizat mengaku diberondong banyak pertanyaan tentang OWC saat melawat ke luar negeri. "Di Kazkhstan, saya ditanya, benarkah perempuan Malaysia tak berdaya dan mudah diperintah suami dan orang lain," kata Shahrizat.
"Tidak ada perempuan yang mendapat perlakuan buruk di Malaysia," tegasnya.
Pekan lalu, OWC menjadi berita internasional karena pahamnya yang kontroversial. Menurut klub itu, semua istri harus menaati dan melayani suami dalam segala hal, termasuk menjadi "lebih jago dari pelacur kelas satu" di ranjang.
Sejak didirikan pada 4 Juni lalu, OWC memiliki sekitar 1.000 anggota dan memiliki cabang di beberapa negara, termasuk di Jakarta yang akan diresmikan pada 19 Juni mendatang.
OWC berencana membuka cabang di sejumlah kota di Eropa, antara lain di London dan Roma


RAWANG, Sebuah organisasi kontroversial berdiri di Malaysia, namanya klub Istri Taat Suami (Obedient Wives Club/OWC). Klub ini meyakini rahasia pernikahan bahagia adalah menaati suami dan memberi kepuasan seksual kepadanya.
OWC diluncurkan Sabtu (4/6/2011) pekan lalu. Klub ini yakin bisa "mengobati" penyakit-penyakit sosial seperti prostitusi dan perceraian dengan cara mengajarkan ketaatan pada suami dan membuat mereka bahagia di atas ranjang.
Salah satu yang didapat anggota OBC adalah pelajaran seks. Tujuannya untuk membantu para istri bisa "melayani suami-suami mereka lebih dari pekerja seks komersial (PSK) kelas satu".
Menurut wakil presiden OBC Dr Rohaya Mohammad, para istri tidak boleh sekadar terampil memasak dan menjadi ibu yang baik. Istri seharusnya "mematuhi, melayani, dan menyenangkan" suami agar tidak "mengembara" atau nakal.
Dengan kata lain, lanjut Rohaya, "istri yang tidak patuh menyebabkan dunia gonjang-ganjing" karena suami tidak bahagia di rumah dan pikiran serta jiwa mereka terganggu.
"Di masyarakat Asia, seks itu sesuatu yang tabu. Kita mengabaikannya dalam kehidupan perkawinan, padahal semuanya berakar dari seks. Seorang istri yang baik adalah pelacur yang baik bagi suaminya. Apa salahnya menjadi pelacur bagi suami sendiri?" ujar Rohaya.
Dikatakannya, suami yang puas di ranjang tidak mempunyai alasan untuk mencari-cari kepuasan di luar rumah seperti mencari PSK atau kepuasan lainnya.
"Institusi keluarga terlindungi dan kami bisa membendung penyakit sosial seperti prostitusi, kekerasan dalam rumah tangga, perdangangan manusia, dan anak-anak telantar," ujar Rohaya. Dia menambahkan, masalah-masalah itu ditimbulkan ketidakpuasan seksual di rumah.
Rohaya yang pernah menjadi dokter di kementerian kesehatan selama 15 tahun itu mengatakan, OWC juga menawarkan jasa konseling dan pelajaran untuk para istri, suami dan pasangan.
OWC Malaysia kini sudah memiliki anggota sekitar 800 orang. Sementara cabangnya di Yordania beranggotakan 200 perempuan. Cabang Indonesia, kata Rohaya, akan diluncurkan pada 19 Juni mendatang.
Saat ditanya apakah seorang istri harus tetap taat bila suaminya kasar atau berselingkuh meskipun sudah dipuaskan di rumah, Rohaya menjawab, setiap orang harus taat pada hukum Tuhan.
"Tuhan memilki cara dan adil pada setiap orang. Suami pun harus menaati aturan Tuhan. Artinya dia bisa masuk neraka. Tetapi tetap saja seorang perempuan harus menjadi istri yang baik," tegasnya.
OWC didirikan oleh kelompok Global Ikhwan, yang ditolak oleh para politisi dan aktivis karena dianggap kemunduran ke masa abad pertengahan dan menghina perempuan modern Malaysia. Sebelumnya kelompok ini mendirikan Klub Poligami.
Global Ikhwan sendiri merupakan cabang sekte Al-Arqam yang dilarang di Malaysia pada 1994 karena ajarannya melenceng dari Islam. Sebagian besar anggota OWC kini adalah anggota Al-Arqam.
Bisa diduga berdirinya klub ini mendapat kecaman banyak pihak. Salah satunya dari dari grup perempuan Sistes in Islam. Kelompok ini menegaskan, dasar perkawinan adalah kerja sama dan rasa hormat. Kekerasan dalam rumah tangga, kata kelompok ini, tetap terjadi tanpa memperhatikan sikap perempuan.
"Komunikasi, bukan penaklukan, sangat penting untuk menjaga hubungan yang sehat," demikian pernyataan Sisters in Islam.



Borneo Tribune,
Malang nasib, Siti Nurjanah (34) asal Kampung Cibodas, Pasir Jambu Kabupaten Bandung. Ia hampir saja dijual oleh suaminya sendiri yang bernama Yusuf Suprayetno, ke Malaysia untuk dijadikan TKW.
Siti, saat berada di Yayasan Nanda Dian Nusantara, Kamis (19/2) menceritakan awal dirinya akan dijual oleh suaminya bersama seorang agent TKI, H. Dance ke Malaysia bermula pada 8 Januari lalu, ketika suaminya memaksa ia untuk kerja ke Malaysia dengan iming-iming mendapatkan upah 50 Ringgit per bulan.
"Ditawari kerja ke Malaysia, saya menolak tapi suami saya memaksa saya dan mengancam akan membunuh saya jika tidak mau ke Malaysia," tuturnya.
Merasa takut dengan ancaman tersebut, akhirnya Siti bersedia ke Malaysia. Pada 8 Februari lalu, ia bersama 6 TKW lainnya diantar oleh suaminya ke Pontianak. Janji suaminya sebelas hari kemudian ia akan diterbangkan ke Malaysia untuk bekerja mengurus Panti Jompo. Waktu akan dikirim ke Malaysia pada 19 Februari kemarin, ia sempat melarikan diri dari penampungan sementara di Pontianak.
Sayangnya, Siti tidak bisa lagi mengingat alamat penampungan sementara tempat ia ditampung.
"Pukul 05.00 saya kabur dari penampungan lewat jendela karena pukul 08.00 saya akan dikirim ke Malaysia, kabur dari penampung berjalan selama 1 jam lebih baru saya menemui kantor polisi dan saya minta pertolongan," katanya.
Ketua Yayasan Nanda Dian Nusantara (YNDN) Kalbar, Devie Tiomana menjelaskan dirinya mendapat laporan dari masyarakat sekitar pukul 10.00 ada seorang TKW bernama Siti Nurjanah kebingungan di sekitar terminal Batu Layang. Ia kemudian menjemput TKW tersebut dan membawanya ke YNDN.
Menurut pengakuan Siti, lanjut Devie, ia lari dari penampungan karena tidak ingin dijual oleh suaminya Yusuf Suprayetno dan H. Dance. Korban dipaksa oleh suaminya untuk bekerja sebagai TKI di Malaysia. Karena mendapat siksaan dari suaminya, korban akhirnya ikut ke Pontianak. Di Pontianak ia ditampung di tempat penampungan sementara yang sampai saat ini alamatnya belum diketahui karena korban lupa alamatnya. Korban ditampung bersama 6 TKW lainnya.
"Ini ada indikasi suami menjual istrinya, dan H. Dance merupakan pemain lama. Sebab dari 12 kasus TKW yang ditangani olehnya, semua TKW mengaku dikirim oleh H. Dance," ungkapnya.
Rencananya, Siti akan dipulangkan ke Bandung hari ini. Untuk proses kepulangan, Devie sudah menghubungi Poltabes Bandung agar menjemput Siti setelah tiba di Bandung. Ia juga sudah meminta Poltabes Bandung untuk menyusuri keberadaan H. Dance yang selalu menjadi pemain dalam pengiriman TKI.
"Kita juga sedang berkoordinasi dengan Poltabes Pontianak untuk menyulusuri di mana tempat penampungan TKI berada. Sebab masih ada 6 TKW lainnya yang sampai hari ini belum diketahui keberadaannya. Kita akan terus berusaha mengorek keterangan dari korban untuk mengetahui keberadaan tempat penampungan," ujar Devie.

Siti Rahmah Binti Rahman (32), seorang tenaga kerja wanita asal Kabupaten Bandung, melarikan diri dari tempat penampungan di Kota Pontianak. Suami berencana menjual Siti ke salah satu agen penyalur TKW ilegal di Malaysia.
"Saya sudah 11 hari berada di Pontianak bersama suami, Yusuf Supriatna. Masih ada delapan orang lainnya yang juga ditampung di Pontianak," kata Siti Rahman, di Pontianak, Kamis.
Ia menjelaskan, sebenarnya tidak mau bekerja di Malaysia, tetapi suaminya selalu memaksa. Malah suaminya itu tidak segan-segan menggunakan kekerasan jika ia menolak.
"Suami saya sampai mengancam akan menceraikan kalau saya tidak mau bekerja di Malaysia," ujarnya.
Siti mengatakan, ketika berada di penampungan, mereka tidak boleh keluar rumah oleh pengelola rumah penampungan. Alasannya takut ditangkap polisi karena belum memiliki paspor.
"Ketika saya mandi pagi tadi, sekitar pukul 05.00, delapan teman saya ditangkap polisi karena tidak memiliki paspor. Informasi itu menurut suami saya. Karena mendengar itu, begitu ada kesempatan, saya melarikan diri melalui jendela," katanya.
Ketua Yayasan Nanda Dian Nusantara (YNDN) Kota Pontianak Devi Tiomana mengatakan, Siti Rahmah merupakan korban perdagangan manusia yang dilakukan suaminya sendiri.
"Sebenarnya, kedelapan temannya bukan ditangkap polisi, melainkan sudah dibawa ke Malaysia untuk dipekerjakan sebagai PSK (pekerja seks komersial). Itu dibuktikan setelah kami mengecek langsung pada Kepolisian Sektor Utara yang mengatakan, tidak ada TKW yang ditahan," katanya.
Devi menjelaskan, korban ditemukan di sekitar Terminal Batu Layang ketika sedang kebingungan karena tidak tahu mau ke mana. "Kami sudah melakukan koordinasi dengan Kepolisian Jabar dan mengatakan, memang benar Siti Rahmah salah satu warganya, sementara di Polsek Utara, korban sudah dimintai keterangan," katanya.
Setelah proses administrasi selesai, Siti Rahmah akan dipulangkan ke kampung halamannya atas biaya Yayasan Nanda Dian Nusantara.


Seorang pria Cina menjual air susu istrinya di Internet lantaran ia tidak ingin air susu tersebut terbuang percuma.
Li Jun dari distrik Hanyang, Provinsi Hubei, mengatakan istrinya memiliki selera makan yang gila-gilaan pasca melahirkan anak mereka sehingga istrinya memiliki surplus air susu.
"Setiap jam dia menghasilkan sekitar 200 mililiter susu, yang terlampau banyak buat bayi kami," katanya kepada Chutian Golden Daily seperti yang dikutip situs Ananova.
Menurut Li, "Air susunya sehari cukup untuk memberi makan bagi bayi lainnya."
Li juga mengatakan, istrinya belum lama ini mencuci mukanya saban hari dengan susu tambahan tersebut, bahkan satu ketika dia memaksa Li untuk melakukan hal yang sama.
"Kami merasa hal ini terlalu mubazir sehingga kami berpikir untuk menjualnya," kata Li sembari menambahkan bahwa mereka tak berniat mengaut keuntungan dari skandal pencemaran produk susu bermelamin yang kini sedang meruyak di Cina.
"Jika ada keluarga miskin yang membutuhkan kami siap memberikannya cuma-cuma," kata Li sungguh-sungguh.
Namun, pria itu tidak menyebutkan ke alamat situs atau alamat email mana jika ada peminat yang tertarik membeli air susu istrinya tersebut.

New York
Seorang pengangguran coba membayar tagihannnya yang menumpuk dengan cara ngawur. Bagaimana tidak? Ia memposting iklan di situs Craigslist yang menawarkan
istrinya sendiri.
Pria bernama Florian Penev asal New York tersebut menyatakan bahwa istrinya, Zdravka Zotkova, tersedia bagi para pria yang berminat. Tentunya, mereka yang menginginkan jasa seks sang istri harus membayar sejumlah uang.
Seorang peminat yang tertarik pada iklan itu pun datang. Namun sial bagi Penev, calon konsumen tersebut ternyata adalah seorang polisi yang sedang menyara. Penev dan istrinya pun langsung diringkus.
Penev mengaku pada polisi bahwa ia baru saja dipecat dari pekerjannya sebagai desainer grafis. Ia pun menjual istrinya itu sebagai jalan pintas untuk meraup uang.
Dalam proses pengadilan, Penev terbukti bersalah melakukan konspirasi prostitusi. Ia pun dikenai denda yang cukup besar, yakni US$ 2000.
Sedangkan istrinya harus menjalani sejumlah program yang diminta pengadilan.

Jun 11, 2011

The founder of the Office of Sex Trade in the Arab Region Continent (Site Area Kwait)

Clearly visible, that in general the men in the land of fairy tales also said Arab countries is a charming man who can not lust, aka sex maniac. This shows that the thinking of men in Arab countries, masilah primitip like an elephant is very big but has no idea who only rely on dense fur and a big body.

Likewise, the women in the country, it was obvious that in general still be enslaved, like pasangat a cock that can have hundreds of hens. And this shows how low character and morals of society nation. They just think, everything can be set with the money. :)

The conclusion, that in general the Arab men can sleep well when given or shown a lot of women naked in front of him, and that in general women in Arabic can be glad and rejoice if and only if they are in the honey and see their husband surrounded by naked women.

Last Conclusions.
Do not send your girls, or women workers to arab country . Beware of female slavery in the country.

To prove this, let us see the events below, which reflects the simple conclusion above.

A Kuwaiti woman politician bombarded with criticism for proposing for sex slavery legalized for Kuwaiti men do not commit adultery. By having sex slaves, they avoid the temptation of women other than his wife.
Salwa al-Mutairi, a social activist who once ran for parliament, suggested sex slaves can be taken from female detainees from countries involved in war.
According to him, "shopping" prisoner of war can be done in Chechnya. "There certainly are many Russian women prisoners. So go down there, they buy and sell in Kuwait. That's better than seeing our men having illicit sexual relations," he said.

Problem prisoners of war, arguing Mutairi. By becoming a male sex slave Kuwait, he said, the women get a better life and "escape from hunger".
"In my opinion, no problems with it. There is absolutely no problem," he said.

"It's not shameful, and even not forbidden," he said in a video that can be viewed on the website Youtube.
Mutairi gives an example of Haroun al-Rashid, the leader of the region that includes Iran, Iraq, and Syria in the 8th century which he called has 2000 concubines.
He also suggested the establishment of offices managed by the sex trade as agents of domestic providers. According to him, the sex slave must be at least 15 years old.
He said, for marriage with a woman is required a contract. However, the sex slaves, "men just need to buy it."

Proposed Mutairi, of course, angered some citizens of Kuwait and other Arab countries. "I want to know the feeling Salwa Al Mutairi when Iraqi troops occupied Kuwait and then she was sold into sex slaves as he offers a Chechen woman," from Tweet Mona Eltahawy.
Another Tweet, from Shireen Qudosi, voiced more loudly. He said, "You are embarrassing women everywhere."

source :

Arabic Language

قصف سياسي المرأة الكويتية مع انتقاد لاقتراح لتقنين العبودية الجنسية الكويتية عن الرجال لا تزن. من خلال وجود رقيق جنس، عليهم تجنب إغراء النساء غير زوجته.
اقترح سلوى المطيري، وهو ناشط اجتماعي الذي كان يدير في السابق للبرلمان ، التي يمكن اتخاذها عبيد الجنس من النساء المحتجزات من البلدان المشاركة في الحرب.
ووفقا له، يمكن القيام به "التسوق" أسير حرب في الشيشان. وقال "هناك بالتأكيد الكثير من السجينات الروسي، لذلك أذهب إلى هناك، هم يشترون ويبيعون في الكويت، وهذا أفضل من رؤية رجالنا وجود علاقات جنسية غير مشروعة"، وقال

مشكلة أسرى الحرب، بحجة المطيري. قبل أن يصبح عبدا الجنس ذكر الكويت، وقال للمرأة الحصول على حياة أفضل، و "الهروب من الجوع".
"في رأيي، ولا توجد مشاكل معها. ليست هناك اي مشكلة"، قال.
"انها ليست مخزية، وحرم حتى لا"، وقال في الفيديو التي يمكن عرضها على موقع يوتيوب.
المطيري يعطي مثالا على هارون الرشيد القاعدة ، قائد المنطقة التي تضم ايران والعراق وسوريا في القرن 8 الذي وصفه بأنه ومحظيات 2000.
واقترح أيضا إنشاء مكاتب يديرها وكلاء تجارة الجنس من مقدمي الخدمات المحليين. ووفقا له، ويجب أن يكون عبدا الجنس على الأقل 15 سنة.
وقال، من أجل الزواج مع امرأة لا بد من عقد. ومع ذلك، فإن جنس العبيد، "الرجال فقط بحاجة لشرائه."
اقترح المطيري، بطبيعة الحال ، أثار غضب بعض المواطنين من الكويت ودول عربية أخرى. "أريد أن أعرف شعور سلوى المطيري عندما احتلت القوات العراقية الكويت وبعد ذلك باعت إلى عبيد الجنس كما انه يقدم المرأة في الشيشان "، من سقسقة منى الطحاوي.
أعرب آخر سقسقة، من Qudosi شيرين، وأكثر بصوت عال. وقال : "انت النساء محرجة في كل مكان."

Persian Language

شهر کویت،
کویت سیاستمدار زن بمباران با انتقاد برای پیشنهاد برای برده داری جنسی قانونی برای کویت مردان زنا مرتکب نشده بود. با داشتن بردگان جنسی، آنها اجتناب از وسوسه از زنان غیر از همسر خود.
سلوی آل Mutairi، فعال اجتماعی که یک بار برای مجلس بود ، که پیشنهاد بردگان جنسی را می توان از زندانیان زن از کشورهای درگیر در جنگ گرفته شده است.
به گفته وی ، "خرید" زندانی از جنگ را می توان در چچن انجام می شود. "قطعا وجود دارد و بسیاری از زندانیان زن روس است. پس برو پایین وجود دارد ، آنها خرید و فروش در کویت. که خیلی بهتر از دیدن مردان ما داشتن روابط نامشروع جنسی،" او گفت :

مشکل از زندانیان جنگ، استدلال Mutairi. با تبدیل شدن به جنس مرد برده کویت، او گفت، زن گرفتن و زندگی بهتر "فرار از گرسنگی".
"به نظر من، هیچ مشکلی با آن. مطلقا وجود ندارد مشکل،" او گفت.
"این شرم آور، و حتی ممنوع نیست،" او در ویدئویی که می تواند بر روی وب سایت یوتیوب مشاهده شده است.
Mutairi می دهد به عنوان مثال از هارون الرشید، رهبر منطقه که شامل ایران، عراق ، و سوریه در قرن 8 به نام او که تا 2000 concubines.
او همچنین پیشنهاد ایجاد دفاتر مدیریت تجارت سکس به عنوان عامل ارائه دهندگان داخلی. به گفته وی ، برده جنسی باید حداقل 15 سال سن دارد.
او گفت ، برای ازدواج با یک زن لازم است قرارداد. با این حال ، رابطه جنسی برده، "مرد تنها کاری که باید آن را خریداری کنید."
پیشنهاد Mutairi، البته، خشم برخی از شهروندان از کویت و دیگر کشورهای عربی. "می خواهم بدانم احساس سلوی آل Mutairi است که نیروهای عراقی اشغال کویت و سپس او را به بردگان جنسی فروخته شد که او ارائه می دهد یک زن چچن،" از صدای جیر جیر مونا Eltahawy.
یکی دیگر از صدای جیر جیر، از شیرین Qudosi، ابراز چنان بلند. او گفت، "شما زنان شرم آور در همه جا."

Rusian Language
Политик кувейтские женщины бомбардировке с критикой за предложение для сексуального рабства легализованы для кувейтских мужчин не прелюбодействуй. При наличии сексуальных рабов, они избегают искушения женщин, кроме жены.
Сальва аль-Мутаири, общественный деятель, который когда баллотировался в парламент, предложил секс-рабынь могут быть взяты из женщин-заключенных из стран, участвующих в войне.
По его словам, "торговые" военнопленный может быть сделано в Чечне. "Там​​, безусловно, много русских женщин-заключенных. Так пойдите туда, они покупают и продают в Кувейте. Это лучше, чем видеть наших мужчин, имеющих незаконные сексуальные отношения", сказал он

Проблема военнопленных, утверждая, Мутаири. Став мужской секс-рабыней Кувейта, по его словам, женщины получают лучшую жизнь и "бежать от голода".
"На мой взгляд, никаких проблем с ним. Существует абсолютно никаких проблем", сказал он.
"Это не стыдно, и даже не запрещено", сказал он в видео, которое можно просмотреть на сайте Youtube.
Мутаири дает пример Гарун аль-Рашид, лидер региона, который включает в Иране, Ираке и Сирии в восьмом веке, который он назвал имеет 2000 наложниц.
Он также предложил создание отделений управляется секс-торговли в качестве агентов отечественных поставщиков. По его словам, секс-рабыней должно быть не менее 15 лет.
По его словам, для вступления в брак с женщиной требуется контракта. Однако, секс-рабынь ", мужчины просто нужно купить."
Предложено Мутаири, конечно, разозлило некоторых граждан Кувейта и других арабских стран. "Я хочу знать чувство Сальва аль Мутаири, когда иракские войска оккупировали Кувейт, а затем она была продана в сексуальное рабство, как он предлагает чеченской женщины", от чирикать Мона Eltahawy.
Другой чирикать, из Ширин Qudosi, озвученная еще громче. Он сказал: "Вы неловко женщин во всем мире."

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