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Jun 2, 2011

System Application of Traffic Laws That Keep On Blackouts Worldwide

Many countries in the world, which is not strictly in the application of laws that have been set up by the State,
especially to the officials of foreign nations. And vice versa, foreign nations sometimes do not respect the law in the State visited.

But I really salute the application of traffic laws in the UK for visiting U.S. President that is Mr. Barack Obama, but do Fines for violation of rules and regulations set by the traffic laws of the State.
And I also salute Mr. Barack Obama for respect and tolerance to traffic laws contained in the UK,
especially traffic laws, although Mr. Barack Obama is a president of a great nation, that USA.
The actions of law enforcement and respect the need and is very well addressed and implemented by the nations of the world.

Not only legal traffic on the highway, but also the law - that there are other laws in each State,
but of course that makes sense and not be insulted or hurt others.

Mr. Barack Obama Got Fines in England

"The Beast" when passing in crowded streets in London, England

While your most important person in the world, the rules remain in effect absolute in England.
This happens at the number one in the United States, Barack Obama was asked to pay a fine of congestion (Congestion Charge) paid for through streets (like electronic road pricing / ERP), along with dozens of his entourage during a visit in London.
These requests are sent directly Governor of London Boris Johnson, as reported by the Evening Standard newspaper.
Governor said, every car in the convoy Obama will be fined 10 paundsterling, including steeds Obama, The Beast.
Boris also said, the U.S. embassy in London refused to pay the accumulated fines jam with a total 5.3 million pounds.

This, obviously Boris, already delivered directly to Obama during a visit took place.
"Our position on congestion fines, according to the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations in 1960 in this case, all applicable taxes in one country is prohibited for the delegates of other countries," said representatives from the U.S. Embassy in London.

Behind Boris replied, "The road we have not officially closed during the visit of the president (Obama) is done, so the entourage of cars and motorcycles that have to pay. Includes The Beast, seems to apply the same thing," said Boris. "The convoy had done similar Pope some time ago, but he was not fined because all the roads closed to the public by the government, this case is different," said Boris.
U.S. embassy and other state delegations have agreed to say, the fine imposed to try them was none other than taxes.

Because of their diplomatic activity, it can not be charged.
Parties to the London Transport Ministry said the total of all foreign diplomats debt (all countries) in the British capital has reached 51 million pounds.

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