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Jun 12, 2012

Techno :: Create a QR Code to distribute a WiFi Network to Android Devices

1.Gather WiFi Details
To distribute a QR code for WiFi you will need the following:
Password for SSID
Network Type (in this example WEP)
2. Locate a QR Code Generator
We used this site:
3.Select Data Type
You can see in the screenshot that there are loads of options available.
In our case select Wifi Login (Android Only)*
*We do not use iDevices here so I cannot comment on whether or not this will work for iDevices or if there is a way to make this work.
4. Select Content
Enter the following:
Network Type
5. Optional - Select Colors for your QR Code
I skipped this step but if you would like to make your QR code pretty adjust that here.
6. NOT RECOMMENDED - Optional - Download QR Code
I left the website up as is on my laptop during our presentation so folks could scan the QR code only during my presentation.
If you have a Guest network that is not tied to your corporate network you could certainly make this code

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