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Jun 27, 2012

Din: Al-Quran Procurement Corruption is Pathetic!

This event is not only sad, but embarrassing, which has been stripped of their faces that do not fair in this country.

Chairman of the Muhammadiyah Central Executive Din Syamsudin judge, cases of alleged corruption in procurement projects Koran Ministry of Religious Affairs is very sad. It is a shame because it also involves the Muslim holy book.
"I read it snapped (allegations of corrupt procurement of the Qur'an). Thus, the need to verify whether the correct way. But, hopefully it's not true," said Din Syamsudin, after closing Tanwir Muhammadiyah, 2012, in Jakarta, Sunday (24 / 6/2012).Statement of Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) some time ago, said Din, concerning an alleged corruption case could be re-procurement of the Koran put the Ministry of Religious Affairs as the most corrupt ministry.

"Do not let happen again to the Ministry of Religious Affairs 'champions' as the most corrupt ministry. It's embarrassing, and it's not in my opinion, but according to the ICW or the Institute for Transparency Indonesia said this, Kemenag be 'the most corrupt ministry'," said Din.Din said the alleged corruption in the procurement of the Koran Ministry of Religious Affairs of a body of its own irony for Indonesia at this time.

"If the Ministry of Religious Affairs of corruption like this, how will if you want to do the development of religious life," he said.

Besides the matter of alleged corruption, Din also highlighted the problems of the hajj, which according to Din, the people of Indonesia and DPR impressed "silent".

"Especially concerning Hajj funds. This we all seemed quiet, the House was quiet. I got the information that needs to be explored and verified, that the pilgrim fund that has been how many trillions of dollars it's not clear right for prospective pilgrims, especially for those who wait five to 10 years. In fact, some of the funds that he made the pilgrimage sukuk. Well, this is not true, "he said.

Therefore, it called on the Ministry of Religious Affairs in order to transparently manage the fund because the fund pilgrims is a mandate that people do not get corrupted or perverted."I hope not to endure a 'champion' in this case the Ministry of Religious Affairs to be the most corrupt ministry," said Din.

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