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Jun 27, 2012

Corruption in INDONESIA :: Not to Investigate Alleged Corruption Commission Procurement Al-Quran

Spokesman Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Johan Budi SP said he did not know anything about the alleged corruption in the procurement of Al-Quran Religious Affairs Ministry. According to Johan, he only learned about it from news reporting.
Johan explains the suspected cases are still in the collection of materials and details. "Indeed there is, but there has been no investigation. That was around 2010-2011. The numbers I do not know," Johan said by telephone in Jakarta, Thursday (21/6).

Earlier, the House of Representatives on Wednesday (20/6), Chairman of the KPK Abraham Samad said the case had been made ​​his case. So that in time will not be long before there will be a named as a suspect in the case.
In fact, Abraham believed the case could have been rolled and can hit anyone. About the project, Abraham claimed to forget the magnitude. "Probably in the tens of billions," he said.

Case came to light when the Attorney KPK Pack Ronny throws the case in a seminar at the University of Al-Azhar Indonesia in Jakarta. Pack said there were allegations of corruption against the Ministry of Religious Affairs in the procurement of Al-Quran.

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