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Jun 25, 2012

Corruption in INDONESIA :: MUI: Painful Once, the Al-Quran was corrupted.


Indonesia Ulema Council Chairman Amidhan admitted surprise at the news about the alleged corruption of Al-Quran procurement. "Cook it corrupted the Quran. It's very painful and shocking. This holy book, really was corrupted," said Amidhan Sunday, June 24, 2012.

Amidhan explained that the Koran is the holy remains, although there are allegations of corruption in procurement, as the rundown is a low mental corruption. He also hoped the case could be investigated thoroughly. "Because it concerns the holy book, should be investigated and taken care of completely. So as not to happen again," he said.

Amidhan admitted only heard of the alleged corruption of this provision of the Koran after KPK leaders and disclosed to the news. But he believes KPK already have strong evidence that dared to make a statement to the media.

KPK chairman Abraham Samad, last Wednesday, confirmed that the agency was investigating allegations of corrupt procurement of Al-Quran. Even the status of cases that get into the investigation. KPK has been doing his one-time case.

Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs said the project procurement Nazaruddin Umar Al-Quran is not through direct appointment. "Always through the tender process. There was never any direct appointment," he said last Friday.

Nazaruddin invited the Commission traced the alleged corruption in the procurement of Al-Quran ministry. He is also willing to cooperate if asked to provide information that the commission antirasuah alleged corruption affairs.

KPK spokesman Johan Budi SP, said the Commission will begin calling witnesses related to the project which took place in 2010. Commission to raise the status of the investigation of materials and the information gathering stage to the stage of the investigation since last week. »This week the Commission plans to ask for information a number of parties," says Johan.

They will be questioned, said Johan, was the official at the Ministry of Religious Affairs. But the identity of the officials could not be ascertained due to the examination stage of the investigation to begin.

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