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May 31, 2011

Technology > AMRON (American Robotics Network)

Twelve years after a first of a European Robotics Network, EURON and 5 years after a “Science and Technology Challenges for Robotics” workshop 2006, where Prof. George Bekey, USC, due an American Robotics Network, AMERON , a thought of an American Robotics Network, AMRON, has been re-launched by former EURON first Chairman (1999-2006) Henrik Christensen, now KUKA Chair of Robotics and a Professor of Computing with the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta given 2007. Christensen started EURON in 1999, when highbrow during a Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. He has lead and participated in a vast series of EU projects and also served as a investigate coordinator of ECVision (2000-2004).

In 2007 he left Europe and changed to Georgia Tech where he transfered his EURON believe into a CCC beginning on US Robotics. He concurrent a U.S. robotics chosen in building an US national roadmap for robotics, that was finally presented to Congress in May 2009.
Christensen has now re-launched a thought of an American Robotics Network (AMRON), directed to coordinate research, record transfer, educational efforts and robotics PR. If European alien Christensen can remonstrate a U.S. robotics village of a advantages with an AMRON stays to be seen.

The EURON community, founded in 2001 with supports from a 5th Framework Programme of the European Commission, has about 225 member institutes all over Europe including associated countries such as Turkey, Israel or Russia. The idea of a network is to kindle and promote research, preparation and record send around robotics in Europe. It also serves as a central hit indicate to a European Commission, especially to ready roadmaps and promote the access of members to appropriation proposals in a area of robotics research.

EURON has been successfull in substantiating robotics as a vital record height on a European investigate bulletin and compelling robotics projects valued some-more than 700 million Euro in funding.
The latest success of a EURON village is a CA-RoboCom pilot, directed during a pattern of a FET Flagship Initiative on “Robot Companions for Citizens”. It was evaluated definitely and invited to negotiation. The preference routine of a CAs that will be saved was really severe: 23 CA proposals were submitted and 6 were comparison and invited to negotiation. The traffic with a invited CA proposals will take place in Brussels on Feb 28. If a traffic will be successful a CA-RoboCom will be funded, and will start officially on May 1, 2011 (duration 1 year).

American Robotics Network National Robotics Initiative

On Jan 22nd, Professor Henrik Christensen of Georgia Tech acted a doubt "Are we prepared for an American Robotics Network", observant that he had started a contention per a organization of an American Robotics Network. He has also discussed a arrangement of such a network in a brief essay. In the new blog post, he says "I would like to get this underway as shortly as probable to make certain that we can precedence the momentum from a National Robotics Initiative." First among a tasks to be entrusted to such an organization, he lists "maintaining a roadmap and promoting it to agencies." More about Christensen, "the roadmap", and a network after a break.

The "roadmap", to that Professor Christensen refers, got a start in 2006, at a one-day seminar patrician Science and Technology Challenges for Robotics orderly by George Bekey of USC, Vijay Kumar of UPenn, and Matthew Mason of CMU. A outline news of that seminar states "There was an eager response to a workshop with over 85 participants. [...] There were many volunteers who were prepared to take on more responsibilities to foster a discipline." (Vijay Kumar was recently mentioned on in connection with quadrotors cooperating on a construction project.)

Professor Christensen was a panelist during that seminar and later collaborated with Matthew Mason on an essay which epitomised a state of robotics and previewed a commentary of a collective effort to furnish a robotics roadmap. The final news A Roadmap for US Robotics, From Internet to Robotics was presented in May, 2009, before a Congressional Robotics Caucus, however, in a bid to furnish that report, a call for the formation of an American Robotics Network (9th slide) appears to have slipped to the behind burner. Christensen is seeking to replenish that endeavor.

Before occupying a KUKA Chair of Robotics during Georgia Tech’s College of Computing, Professor Christensen was a first Chairman of EURON, a European Robotics Research Network. He has recently been awarded a 2011 Engelberger Award for Education.

Robotics Research Information

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