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May 25, 2011

Goat and Sheep guided Blind Horse.

In my opinion.

Man who lived on earth, are now no longer realize that they live in the same earth and breathe the same air, and illuminated by the sun the same day when his, and in the moonlight when his night.

Naturally, I said that human beings existing on earth today is lower than the dumb ass, lower than in goats and sheep.
Goats alone can lead a horse that was blind, that is not a species with it. While existing human on this earth?

I think about this nation and that, I rate this and that, I'm this and that religion, and many other things that make human beings fighting each other due to more low morals and manners of people today compared to animals that I have mentioned above.

Let us read the story: "lead a horse blind goat" below :

Goat and Sheep guided Blind Horse.

Five male goats and five male lambs Sissy faithful guide, a 15 year old blind horse,
in Yellowstone National Park in Montana USA. Seen in the photo Sissy together with a goat.

SALMON, Michelle Feldstein provide special accommodations for a blind horse. Feldstein does have a shelter animal. At his home in Montana is no cat, llama, and ducks. Now there are new residents, Sissy, 15 year old blind horse. "Sissy comes with five goats and five sheep. It is they who take care of Sissy, "said Feldstein. Goats and sheep guards were never far from the side of the horse.

They never leave Sissy alone.
They guide Sissy to place food and water, and direct him to the stables when the storm snow falls. "They show Sissy where the water and is between Sissy and the fence to let you know that there is a fence in front of Sissy," said Feldstein, who stated very impressed by the attention from the ten animals.

Feldstein collect animals that are not desired by the owner. She and her husband,
a retired editor of Mad magazine, in a year to spend funds up to 50,000 U.S. dollars, or USD 428 million to maintain the animals were neglected. Currently there are 200 different types of animals they keep.

Let us live peacefully on this earth.
Do not be no more wars and hate each other.

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