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May 22, 2013

In Indonesia. How do you Think about This? Lawyers Uztaz Lutfi Not Know about 'Pustun'.

Pustun words mean in the chat between the former President of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS – Partai Keadilan Sejahtera), Ustaz Lutfi Hasan Ishaaq, and those close to him, Ahmad fathanah, yet to be revealed. When asked about this pustun said, Ustaz Lutfi lawyer, M Assegaf, said he did not know.

"We do not know. I do not know. Said it was a trending topic," said Assegaf when accompanying his client examined in Building Commission, Kuningan, Jakarta, Monday (20/05/2013).

Assegaf claims he never heard from his client about the explanation for the recorded conversations with fathanah Rogan played at the Corruption Court on Friday (05/17/2013) is. "I do not ever. Suddenly in the trial that actually broadcast is not relevant," said Assegaf.

In the trial of the alleged bribery beef import quota which took place in Jakarta Corruption Court on Friday last week, a team of prosecutors Corruption Eradication Commission plays a recording of an alleged conversation between Ustaz Lutfi and fathanah chat. Besides revealing about the plan administration fee of USD 40 billion, a record showing intimacy between Ustaz Lutfi and fathanah. Chat about wife, among others.

"The wives of yourselves (Ustaz Lutfi) has been waiting for all," said fathanah to Ustaz Lutfi with a chuckle.

Ustaz Lutfi also replied with a laugh fathanah greeting and said, "Which is it?"

"There's everything," said fathanah.

Ustaz Lutfi asked again, "What pustun-pustun what sarkia Java?"

"Pustun," said fathanah followed by laughter from both men.

Not yet known what words mean and Java pustun sarkia in recording the conversation. If traced, the Pashtun pustun or designation could mean for the people of Pakistan, Afghanistan, or ethnic origin in Iran. The term can be seen as a Java sarkia two words put together. Java refers to the Javanese, while sarkia in Arabic means sarkiyah which means east. If combined, could mean sarkiah Java East Java.

 Ustaz Lutfi (Talking with Microphone)
Ustaz Fatanah (Friend of Ustaz Lutfi)

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