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May 2, 2013

Development of new theories about Stonehenge

A new research revealed, the hunters lived only about 1.6 miles from Stonehenge, 5,000 years before the first stone is upheld. Evidence reinforces the conclusion obtained from a site near Stonehenge.
The site, which has been inhabited for 3,000 years, contains evidence of burning, ancient cattle bones and stone tools. Possibly, the area near Stonehenge was an ancient migration paths cow has become a party sites antiquity - that people arriving from different directions.
As stated by David Jacques from the Open University in the UK in an email. "We may just have to know the reason the construction of Stonehenge, and why its location there."
These new findings may help identify those who first establish the structure of Stonehenge. Some large stones, perhaps the totem pole, enforced at Stonehenge between 8500 and 10 thousand years ago. The new research says, may be the ancient structure was erected to honor the sacred hunting grounds.
Over the decades, people have wondered about the big rocks in Wiltshire, England. No one knew the reason ancient building was erected. Some say, it is a place of worship. Some are saying, it is a symbol of unity. Some even say Stonehenge inspired sound illusion.
David Jacques was looking through old pictures of the area surrounding Stonehenge when he saw a site (Vespasian's Camp), which is only 1.6 km. She began investigating the area, which has a freshwater spring.
Because animals like to stop by in the spring, perhaps curious Jacques area was also inhabited by humans. His team found, there are about 350 animal bones and stone tools 12,500, and evidence of arson. Expected, the area was inhabited by humans at 7,500 BC to 4,700 BC - about 5,000 years before the alias Stonehenge stone enforced.
"The spring may initially attract the attention of the animal, which eventually triggers the hunting and guiding us to the possibility that the area is a sacred hunting ground," wrote Jacques.
The discovery could help scientists figure out why the ancient people who now choose the location of Stonehenge, said Jackques.

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