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Nov 27, 2011

Panorama! As Samosir Island Ter Beautiful Island in the World

The beauty of Lake Toba will never run out of people discussed. Seen from any angle - both of Parapat, Tongging, and from the island of Samosir - the lake is as beautiful. This time I'll take you along Lake Toba from within, ie from the island.
From Medan to Lake Toba
The most common route taken by the tourist is through Parapat city, located on the edge of Lake Toba. From Medan, this city can be reached within a five-hour journey overland, through the city Siantar.
If you want to use public transportation, you can ride the bus or the L-300 at Terminal Sandpaper Medan. My advice, choose a great bus trip for a long and quite complicated.
Along the way, especially when it is near Parapat, beautiful views of Lake Toba you can begin to enjoy on the right side of the road. Welcome to Parapat, gateway to the beauty of the island of Samosir!Samosir Island
Island covering approximately 630 square miles located in the middle of Lake Toba is achieved via two ports: Ajibata and Balige. As the larger ports, Ajibata provide transportation in the form of ferry can transport cars, trucks and other motor vehicles.

Only by spend around USD 3 thousand, you can cross into Tomok in Samosir in about 40 minutes. If you want to enjoy the scenery, take place in the upper deck of the ferry. When seen the kids swim around the ship, throw coins, then they will swim scrambling to take it.
When not driving, you can directly across from Parapat to the inn that has been booked. Travel by boat is faster than the ferries, and directly take you to your destination. It costs Rp 5 thousand per person, but maybe more if it turns out not many passengers on the boat.

Tomok and Tuktuk
Tomok a harbor village that became a place of transit vehicles from the island of Sumatra. This place is crowded with traditional markets and food stalls. In Tomok attraction there is the Tomb of King Sidabutar. When you walk about 45 minutes from Tomok, you will arrive at Tuktuk, tourist center on the island. There is public transportation if you do not want to walk in the sun.
As a center of tourism in Samosir, Tuktuk provides various facilities, including accommodation, restaurants, shops, bicycle and motorcycle rental, souvenir shops, travel agencies, as well as several bars.
Some lodgings to choose from, among others, Hotel Carolina, one of the largest and most famous in Samosir. The other is the Tabo Cottages, famous for its vegetarian dishes and homemade breads and cakes.
If you want the convenience and atmosphere of calm, perhaps Horas Family House is the right choice. In addition, there are also hotels Silintong, Thyesza, Toledo and Samosir Inn and Cottages. For one night, you spend the funds will not be much. You will only spend as much as USD 100-250 thousand, depending on the selected accommodation facilities.
If you decide to stay in Tuktuk, certainly you will not spend time in that place alone. Rent bicycles and motorcycles is a popular choice for down the beauty of Lake Toba and Samosir Island, and do not miss Toba Batak culture. Rental costs typically range between $ 70-80 thousand.Ambarita, Simanindo, and Pangururan
In a trip around the island of Samosir, you can enjoy panoramic views of green hills, fields stretching, as well as views of the lake. All this may be rare you get in a big city where you live.
In addition, the activity of the villagers of grain drying and transporting their produce would be a very interesting sight.

Ambarita village can be reached with a one hour walk from Tuktuk, or about 20 minutes by boat. The village is interesting because the Toba Batak people of the past still adhered to cannibalism. Now all that remains is lined stone chairs where the elders held a meeting to decide the fate of captured enemy.
In Simanindo, you have the opportunity to see the relics of the king's house that has been converted into a museum with a replica of the surrounding villages. In one corner there is also the tomb of Batak Toba kings maintained considerable. From the shores of Lake Toba in Simanindo, you can also see a small island called Tao. When you ride a motorcycle, you can enjoy the beauty of Tao and Lake Toba from the edge of the pier.

Meanwhile, Pangururan can be taken for about 90 minutes by motorbike from Tuktuk or Tomok. Famous attractions in Pangururan is Aek Rangat or hot water baths originating from Mount Pusuk Buhit. This place is perfect to unwind after a day around the island of Samosir and enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba.

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