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Sep 29, 2012


As explained above, Locklink is a tool that looks like a PDA and data from Vision downloaded on to Locklink (See locklink installation process). As stated above, locklink function as a tool for setting locks on each room and giving the number in each room key, but there are still some functions LOCKLINK. 
LockLINK function is as follows:

E.1. For setting and giving room key number
E.2. To Verify each event in each room key (Max: 600 events)
E.3. To Unlocking

Description of each function

E.1. Giving room key number with Lock Link:

E. 1.1. Click VisionLinks menu (Menu on the tool Locklink)
E. 1.2. Enter Paswword: 3000
E. 1.3. click upload
E. 1.4. Click on the number of rooms that will be transferkan
E. 1.5. click Programs
E. 1.6. There is a request to insert the key into the Contact Card
E. 1.7. Bring Locklink To Contact Card (Contact Connection card with Locklink using Infra red, so it should be close enough so that a transfer of data)
E. 1.8. Will occur automatically transfer data from Locklink to Lock
E. 1.9. When finished, Remove Card

E. 2. To Verify the Data key or key data Interesting to see the event or events that occur in the room key: (MENU EVENTS)

E. 2.1. Click on the Menu event of locklink
E. 2.2. click NEW
E. 2.3. There is a request to insert the key into the Contact Card, once entered, Bring LockLink To Contact Card
E. 2.4. Otomats will be key to the transfer of data from Lock Links
E. 2.5. to see the event - Click View, and if you want to see details click View again

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